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High ISO Pana GH4 clip to share

11 January 2017 - 02:15 AM

Hi all,

As the title says.
Has someone some original underwater clip from a GH4 shot at high ISO to share?

I mean ISO 1000 or 1250 at least.


Thank you in advance

Sea&Sea YS250

07 January 2017 - 07:54 AM

Hi all,

Has someone tested these strobes below their rated max depth of 60m?
Any feedback?

Thank you in advance

Vimeo Vs Youtube in 2017

08 November 2016 - 06:38 AM

Short version:


Is a Vimeo plus account worthwile over a Youtube account?


Long story:


I'm a Vimeo Plus user since 2008 and during the years I have been trough countless unsolicited changes. 

Of course technology advances but frankly speaking I cannot call them "improvements". I think that all these updates were more focused on their business model that on user side. Of course their narrative is different.


Their latest "improvement" was the so called "Adaptive Streaming". Without going into detail, it's something Youtube has from years and it was the main reason I chose Vimeo over

YT years ago (except ads): as creator I'm in control of the streaming quality of my videos.


The backlash from among pro and plus Vimeo users that’s arisen after the launch of this feature was unprecedented. A lot of pro and plus users menaced to not renew their subscriptions. Vimeo went over as usual. Actually the same during all these years. I felt more upset from their behavior than technical reason in itself. Being a paying customer and counting zero. Anyway their business seems in healthy condition hence they are right.


IMHO at the moment I feel that the only difference between the two services are advertisements, 50 bucks/year and an amazing users community.


I'm seriously thinking to copy all my content to my nearly abandoned YT channel leaving my Vimeo downgrading to a basic account. It's a shame because during all these years around my account I created a network of friends.


What are your thoughts?

Which is better and why?

Do yo still think as today Vimeo has a better streaming quality over Youtube?



I'm not able to judge a pro account because is out of my scope as budget and features.



Deep Macro

31 October 2016 - 03:46 AM

I would like to get some moderate macro shots of two deep sea pen species. I already have some wide and medium shots of them.

I never filmed macro (please don't shoot on the piano player). I have a Panasonic GH3 in Nauticam housing and the pana-leica 45mm. I should borrow a proper port for it.

These two species are Veretillum cynomorium and Funiculina quadrangularis. Veretillum colonies lies at about 65/70m while Funiculina lies at 100/104m hence you understand that I haven't too much time to get the shot and diving gear will be my main PITA.


Could you give me some suggestion on how get the job done as quick as possible?

Light position and number? 

Should I carry a small tripod?

The Funiculina is 1,5 meter tall so I should posistion my camera tall enough to frame its polyps.


Last but not the least I should avoid to be killed by my diving buddies for this :)


Thank you in advance



Sony and its frequent camera releases: is it positive or negative?

31 October 2016 - 02:53 AM

Sadly all of us know how our gear value approaches zero jsut one minute after we swept the card... Being the forum in musings mood, I liked this article: