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Is it possible to zoom with Zen Dome DP-100 for Canon 8-15 Fisheye

21 January 2014 - 07:29 AM

Hi there, 


I'm kind of interested in using this 4" Zen dome for the Canon 8-15 fisheye. However, the dome seems small. I wonder if it's possible to add a zoom gear to provide zoom functionality to the lens?





Switching to video recording while retaining settings from still mode on OMD

22 May 2013 - 11:27 PM

Hi all,


I just switched from Canon 7D to Oly OMD. Really like the versatility of the camera, but also got some glitches from my previous experiences with it as well. 


The housing I own is Nauticam. The problem is that, when I want to switch from shooting stills to video mode, I just push the recording button. This would trigger the video recording function of the camera; however, the problem is that the aperture & shutter speed settings do not follow into the video mode. More specifically, It looks like pushing the video recording button would record the video using the "P" mode with average exposure metering. For example, I always shoot stills with underexposed ambient so the subject would be emphasize and lit by strobes, but when I hit the recording mode, the water suddenly become much lighter blue with a very pale subject.


For now, the only way for me to manually configure the exposure of the video is to turn the dial wheel of the camera to its designate video capturing mode, which is a bit troublesome.


Is there an easier way to switch from shooting stills to video capturing while retaining the setting from 'M' mode of the camera?


By the way, here is the footage of a thresher shark taken with OMD using the P? mode.


How do you store the Stix arm floats?

28 March 2013 - 08:13 PM

Hi all,


I've never used arm floats before and just ordered a few. These floats seem like a harden incompressible form, but they also seem to be able to loss shape after many uses as well. 


I wonder how you guys treat these float arms after your trip? Do you leave them on your strobe arms? Or do you remove and dry them somewhere else?