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In Topic: Canon EOS-1D Mark III announced

07 August 2007 - 02:15 PM

I just received a Mark III last week. I had a 20D but was waiting for newer technology before I bought a housing for it. I bought it mainly for sports photos, but plan to buy a housing when they are available. Mine has no problems with focus. Yesterday I took about 300 pictures in AI Servo mode 10 fps bursts and the only out of focus shots were my fault. The temperature was over 90 and sunny. There were a very few that were not in perfect focus but again I feel that this was my fault in not keeping the AF point directly on the object.
The colors using the standard setting were much richer than the 20D ever was. I think I'll learn to love this camera! It will take quite a while to learn all of the settings that work best for the different kinds of photography. While there are a few people that are having problems the large majority seem to have no problems.