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In Topic: Scratched dome ports

09 January 2016 - 05:07 PM



I have an Aquatica for my Canon 5D Mark II.


If you are in the actual business of photography it pays to have the best port.  I have some small scratches on my acrylic port that I have been using for several years and they don't affect the image at all so yours must be pretty deep.  I have used a soft cover that I can quickly release to protect it.  It takes an additional second or two but it has spared me the issues you have encountered.  In a place like Truk I wouldn't have a problem because most of the shots would have been somewhat staged (i.e. had time to set up the shot) and thus not an issue.  A place like Palau where pelagics come and go quickly it can be different story unless you are hanging out at a place like Blue Corner and strapped in due to currents with the big fish coming and going.  I only get two to three weeks of diving a year so I can't compare what your time under water is but like I said I haven't had the small scratches affect the photos.


The acrylic dome tends to cause the dome side to float up and was putting some stress on my wrists until I added weight in a funky kind of arrangement set up by the folks at Cathy Church's dive center.  It's a pain but it works.  With glass you don't need as much weight if at all but then the glass requires somewhat more float support.  The one thing when diving I have done is to have the camera in my right hand with neutral buoyancy and pull the unit behind me to somewhat protect it also (while in more open spaces). The strobe are tucked in tight and easy to flare out when I do this to save a little time.  It also cuts down on the drag.  In tight spaces I have the unit in front of me since I sometimes use the focusing lights to act as a flashlight as I travel through wrecks or caverns.  It gives me better control when the unit is neutral in my opinion.


I did have a smaller dome port on my Canon S95 housing and it was made of glass.  It scratched to the point it was useless so to use it again would mean buying another.


I have bought a second housing and ports on ebay and wet pixel at great prices.  You can a lot of times get steep discounts but you have to set the both sites up to flag you when the dome ports pop up on the radar screen because they will go fast.  Be patient if this is your strategy since they are not always on sale.


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In Topic: Problems: new Nauticam housing w/ Canon 7DII

08 March 2015 - 04:39 PM

Well you probably know this but you have to separate the problem: the strobe, fiber optic cables, housing or the camera.


If you are with other divers or near a dive shop see if you can test your strobes on another system someone has.  The same goes with the camera.  With all the divers and cameras out there someone should be able to help you troubleshoot using their system.


Did you try swapping the batteries from the good working strobe to the one that wasn't?  It may be that your charger for the batteries is not charging correctly and everything is else is okay. 


Check the pop up flash and see if it is being interfered with inside the housing.


Also, if the flash on your camera is set at the lowest setting to save on the camera battery, try boosting it to maximum to see if it works while still in the housing.  It's a simple quick check that will at least eliminate that potential problem.


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