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Dome Ports Causing Camera Housing to Rotate

07 January 2013 - 08:01 PM

Hey all you underwater photographers out there I could use your help.

I have a new Aquatica housing for my 5D Mark II that I will be taking to Grand Cayman this weekend. I am having problems with the ports on the front of the housing (both Macro and Wide Angle) causing the housing to rotate upwards. In addition, I have a new viewfinder that I have installed on the back of the housing that is a bit heavy. This further exacerbates the problem by tending to rotate the back of the housing downwards.

I can see that this will cause undo strain on my wrists while fighting this rotation and was wondering if anyone has had a way to correct this problem.

I am using STIX floats on UCLS arms with two 110 alpha Sea and Sea strobes on the ends.

If I draw the strobes back far enough towards me then this tends to offset the rotation problem. However, it becomes a problem again if I want to move the strobes closer to my subject in that the ports rotate the camera upwards.

Any help would be appreciated.