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For Sale: Aquatica ports and Sea & Sea strobes

23 July 2016 - 05:01 PM

I upgraded my camera gear and I have too much camera stuff around the house. Things can be sold separately, and buyer pays shipping. I live in Hawaii, so if you need it fast it will cost a little bit more. I have had this gear for a long time. I bought the housing used, and I have used it almost every day for the past two years. Some of the outside coating paint is chipped off but it does not effect the housing. Definitely a good camera housing for somebody looking to get into underwater photography as a hobby. The A20 housing is discontinued and the bulkheads for the strobes do not work and parts are unavailable :( . The ports (except 8 in) are all in good shape, just minor nicks on the outsides, glass is good. The 8 inch dome has some wear on its surface. I also have resealed it using 5200. The glass separated from the metal a year ago when I was hiking into a beach and early in the morning and when I hiked out it was 20 degrees hotter and the air inside had expanded and separated it. You can see the glue (white) in the picture. I still use it. I free dive down to 60+ feet with it and it holds up. Still good for over-unders, but it could use a good polishing. The strobes work great. One had a battery explode in it 3 years ago, but after cleaning it has not had any problems. For more pictures of certain items just let me know.



- A20 housing comes with canon 20D body      $BO

- mini dome  (18410)  $600

- macro port for Canon 60mm  (18429)  $300

- back port cover   (18790)   $50

- port extension ring   (18456)    $200

- port extension ring   (18457)    $200

- zoom gear for tokina 10-17    $100

- 8in dome port with shade       $150


Sea & Sea

- 5-pin sync cords x3       $100 each

- Pair of YS-90 Duo strobes   $500



Q's about Canon 7D mk II Sea & Sea housing

05 June 2016 - 09:46 PM

I am planning on buying a Sea&Sea housing for my 7D mkII.


Currently, I have a Canon 20D (discontinued) with sea&sea ys-90DX TTL duo strobes (discontinued) that attach via 5 pin Nikonos style bulkhead that connects to the hot shoe inside of my Aquatica A20 housing (discontinued).


I bought my new Canon and I am looking to buy a new housing. I have not been able to find much information about what functions not available with the camera in the housing. I am also looking for thoughts on staying with the 5-pin chords or going fiber optic. I bought my strobes used, and I do not have the fiber optic connections. They still work fine. I don't if I can get fiber optic cable II for them so they will work with the new Optical YS Converter that sea&sea has put out. I don't know much about what advancements have been made in the technology. The last time I used TTL was with my Nikons V. Is it worth the $400, and possible new strobes?


I am also having trouble figuring out what port I need to use with my Tokina 11-16 wide angle lens. I flooded my 10-17 fish eye, which seams to be the standard, but I have been using my 11-16 that I bought for landscapes.


Any help would be appreciated