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Nautilus Swell Retiring!

28 April 2014 - 02:04 PM

We got a very sad email last week that the Nautilus Swell is being retired, which means the end of live-aboard diving in AK and BC, at least for now.

We had one of the best dive trips ever in AK on the Swell last August. They announced that they are making a few more runs, so if this is on your list, better jump! It is a fabulous trip!

Truk Lagoon - You may want to make this dream trip sooner rather then later

06 March 2014 - 05:16 PM

We have just come back from a great trip to Truk Lagoon aboard the Odyssey, and I've been comparing some photos from our first trip there, in May, 2008 to these recent ones. Quite a few of the wrecks we dove have deteriorated quite a bit in only six years. The dive trip is still fabulous, but the wrecks are 70 years old now. Here are some of the "before and after's". 


The Fumitzuki is a destroyer, sitting more of less upright. I took this photo of the bow 6 years ago. I didn't take an "after" on this trip because the bow has split away from the body of the ship and lies in the sand now.


The famous "R2D2" which I think is on the Fujikawa Maru, as well as the engine room, is not accessible any more as most of the structure in that part of the ship has collapsed.

60mm Macro lens with Dome Port

29 January 2014 - 05:09 PM

I couldn't find another thread on this… I am thinking of using my Nikon 60mm macro lens with a Zen 230 dome port, just for a little test. My thinking is that, for a full frame camera, the result might be the equivalent of a 47º - 50º lens. I have no idea what the corners might look like.


I think that Stephen Frink experimented with this. I was thinking that this might fill the gap I have between a 17-35 lens and the 60. Has anyone tried this and what were the results?



La Paz Sea Lion

24 October 2013 - 12:50 PM

I am sick. When I took this photo last week in La Paz, on Los Islotes,  I could see the scarring around the neck and noticed that (s)he held her head up so high.


I blew this photo up 1:1 today and can see the net still around her neck digging into her. I guess she is suffocating or being garroted.


I have friends in La Paz this week, maybe they can help this lion. 



FOR SALE: Nikon D700 Body

22 August 2013 - 04:08 PM

Nikon D700 body with box, charger, battery, manuals, DVD.. pretty much everything it came with. The camera is in perfect condition functionally and cosmetically, never a drop of water has touched this baby! Including David Busch's 500 page book, The Nikon D700 guide. Photos below, everything in the photo is included for $1200 plus shipping & insurance. US buyers only please. It is a wonderful camera, I hope the next owner enjoys it as much as I have.




Forgot to mention, it has 24,500 actuations.