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Ron Kruger

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Non-strobe lighting

20 January 2011 - 01:42 PM

Anyone have experience with steady lighting for underwater shots?
I'm thinking of watersealing and mounting strong flashlights on a rig I'm building, sort of like a portable underwater studio.

P&S with tilt LCD

10 January 2011 - 05:38 PM

I've shot professionaly for decades and never owned a P&s, but I started playing around with a 12 MP underwater P&S in freshwater streams and rivers last summer and sold some shots from it right away.

I bought it as a cheap way to investigate underwater light, figuring I would upgrade to a more professional quality underwater camera later, but I find the protability from this pocket camera a major advantage, and, surprisingly, the IQ is adaquate for reproduction.

But I have two problems with it. The biggest is composing pictures. Using live-view on the LCD is akward enough in the first place (this is the first P&S I've owned), but when holding it underwater, I can't see it at all. I have to point and guess. An underwater P&S with a tilt/swivel LCD would be great, but I haven't come across one.

The other is the shutter lag--very annoying--especially for fish swimming around.

I suppose shutter lag is an unavoidable nature of the beast, although I understand some models have shorter lag, but if I could just find one with a tilt LCD, I'd be pleased.
Any suggestions?