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Upgrade to D4 or D800??

17 July 2013 - 07:38 PM

I've been shooting a D2x in a Nexus housing for many years.  Am finally looking at upgrading my underwater rig to a Nauticam housing for the D4 or the D800.    I currently own a D4 camera which is used a lot for topside wildlife photography where the rapid frame rate is a must.  I'm used to the large size of the Nexus housing for the D2x and am wondering if those of you who are familiar with both systems - a Nauticam housing for the D4 and a Nexus housing for the D2x would find that they are similar in size and handling underwater.  I would be interested in hearing your comments on that.  In Dallas I am not anywhere close to a dealer to actually see and feel the Nauticam housing for either camera.  Fiberoptics and TTL in the D800 would be nice but I have always shot fully manual camera and manual strobes - Ikelite 125's - so shooting all manual strobes would not be a deal breaker.  I think I might likely switch to something like the Sea and Sea YS D1's in order to have a smaller package with more variability in settings. 

Since I currently own a nice array of ports and extensions for the Nexus I would be using the adpater ring for the Nauticam and continue using my existing ports.  Would also love to hear from anyone else who is doing the same and how it is working for them. 

Thanks for any input.

Judy Johnson