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In Topic: H20 Photo Pros, Mike Luzansky out of business

13 January 2011 - 11:18 AM

I had a very similar experience with H2O Photo Pro's. I ordered a Fish Eye Fix housing package from them in August 2010 instead of Backscatter because they offered a "free Think Tank Backpack" with my purchase. I needed the housing quickly to make a trip to Port Hardy that I was about to take so I opted for the expedited shipping. Well they shipped it ground and I had to rent a camera for my trip.

Then when the camera finally arrived it was missing 3 small, yet crucial, parts and no backpack. Sound familiar?

To make a long story short, 5 months later after endless calls, emails and broken promises I still don't have the parts I paid for nor have I seen the free backpack. To top it off, since December I have received no responses from them at all. Their website, when it works, has now changed names and refers to White Shark Imaging.

I have given up all hope of ever receiving my parts and backpack! After talking to Backscatter for 10 minutes the parts arrived today! 2 days later!!! What a difference!

I have never gone out of my way to bad mouth anyone, but I'm so mad at Mike and his BS! BEWARE!!! Don't trust White Shark Imaging either!