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In Topic: help ASAP...missing retainer clip on button in housing

21 July 2014 - 09:26 AM

The spare part you are looking for is called a "C clip". Some hardware stores might have them. The other temporary solution is to use thin metal wire to tie the button shaft from the inside just at the C clip groove for the C clip. In a desperate situation you might want to locate any left-over telephone cable, electrical wire or similar that would have relatively thin strands (not the hair-like wire, neither the thick single stranded wire) and strip it.

In Topic: mapping dive site

20 July 2014 - 10:49 PM

For the 21st century look, you might want to check what Word Press offers. Compared to html websites, you'll need to setup a SQL database first. But after the initial efforts, it becomes quite efficient creating new pages and especially updating them on a timely basis. Also, you can change the style afterwards as often as you wish.


Bart, I liked your idea of showing the map areas for different species. I wonder could you duplicate the same with one or more google plugins for wordpress.

In Topic: Best system setup for cave and wide angle photography

09 June 2014 - 04:39 AM

Hi Jools,

I travel with a Canon 5D Mark III (0.97 kg) with a 16-35mm f2.8L lens (0.83 kg)  and 8" dome (1.36 kg) plus a laptop (1.60 kg) in my carry-on baggage, a Tumi backpack (1.64 kg). With other bits and pieces, the total is 7.6 kg which is doable on most airlines. Additionally I carry a small (laptop size) unconspicuous hand bag that holds four LiIon batteries for my four 80W video lights, this totals 6.5 kg. For most European airlines this is way over the limit, but (knock on wood), I have managed to sneak in with 14 kg of carry-on. But Jools, I guess you could consider British Airways with their luxurious 2x20kg carry-on allowance...


I put the camera housing (3.3 kg) and the extension port (0.49) in the checked-in luggage. For a cave diving trip my checked-in luggage weighs a total of 55-64 kg. This includes everything except tanks and weights.


You can find pictures of my gear here:





and samples of cave and mine video/photo footage here:




and here:




As you can see from the samples, it is possible to illuminate fairly large spaces with 32000-100000 lumens if you have a sensitive camera. More is always better.



In Topic: Magic Lantern V1.2.3

02 May 2014 - 12:48 AM

EunJae, which 128GB card are you using? Brand? Exact product code?


Are you shooting full HD at 30 fps or some other resolution?



In Topic: Gratuity charges, optional or mandatory in the US

16 March 2014 - 09:25 PM

Some of the Americans are spoiling the tipping culture when travelling abroad. I visited a remote but very special diving site in a former Eastern block country. A bit earlier an American group had tipped the dive site personnel formidably. The personnel got drunken and refused to work anymore because the tenfold tips made themselves feel underpaid. There was a riot that lasted couple of days and the police got involved. Consequently the plans of the following dive groups got screwed.