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In Topic: Best Vacuum System for DSLR Housing

22 November 2017 - 12:41 AM

I am now using the nauticam electronic one ... but i contemplate adding the backscatter one in another port of my housing, just for redundancy.

Hi Nicool,

I do not quite understand why you would want to have two vacuum valves on the same housing, "for redundancy"?. Installing two valves just doubles the risk that you might have a leak through either valve. Or do you fear that you cannot release the partial vacuum after the dive?


In Topic: Housing for technical diving

18 September 2017 - 02:16 AM

Hi Josh,

I am technical diver as well. Maximum depth 103m/340ft and max penetration 860m/half-a-mile. My comments apply to Aquatica and Nauticam.


Having serviced a number of housings, there has been only one single occurance of the Aquatica metallic latch opening unintentionally. The plastic Aquatica(Amphibico) latch with a rotating motion does not have that risk. The Nauticam latches with a red button and a lever are quite unlikely to open unintentionally since this would require simultaneous action on both. However, the risk of unintentional latch opening can be mitigated by a vacuum system that holds the housing halves together even with the latches completely open. Depending on model, the vacuum valve does protrude a bit and you might consider if this would increase risk of line entanglement or not - really depends on the entire configuration.


For the ports, I advise using port lock mechanisms available from both vendors.


Considering toughness of housing, the Aquatica models are a bit tougher. This can be seen on the metallic pushbuttons, trigger and various levers. The same applies to the handles and connection points of 1" ball arms. Please note that the larger controls have also a benefit when operated with thick gloves. I have heard that some cave divers prefer Aquatica for cave diving, but, likewise I know many cave divers using Nauticam.


Perhaps the most important question is where to store the housing if you have to use both hands, e.g. gas switches during descent/ascent or pull-and-glide in strong currents. You definitely will want to protect the dome with a neoprene cover. I keep mine attached to a very short (5 cm) double loop bungee attached to the right handle plus a clip on the bungee. If needed, I clip the housing to my right D-ring. If the housing is neutral or just positive, it will float nicely under your right arm pit. Another choice would be to clip to your butt D-ring unless you have stage tanks clipped to same place. If the neoprene cover does come off, you'll easily end up with scratches on your dome. You might want practice clipping off your long hose on the same D-ring and emergency deployment of the long hose.


Please note that some of the domes, especially some glass domes, might have maximum depth of 40m/120ft only.


Finally, there is the question of lights. If you shoot stills and use strobes, you obviously will have light arms which will create additional questions of stowage and how to manage any squeezes. Alternatively, you could request your team to hold off-camera video lights for you. You'll need knowledgeable team members for this and some planning as well.



In Topic: Looking for Aquatica AD 7100/7200 housing in great condition.

11 September 2017 - 05:52 AM

Hi Marli,

Since you are still searching for an AD7100/7200 housing in, quote, "excellent shape", would you consider mint condition? We have one unused 20073 housing in stock. The housing is v1 and has dual Nikonos, but, we can retrofit either dual optical, or, one optical+one Nikonos without additional cost and hydrotest the housing at 9bar pressure. We also have the reinforced springs in stock.


If interested, please PM me, or send an email. You can find our contact information from Aquatica's dealer listing for Finland, Europe.


Best Regards
Richard Eller

In Topic: What are my RAW options as at August 2017?

24 August 2017 - 01:44 AM

Perhaps limited feedback relates to the majority of Wetpixel visitors being foremost stills shooters?


Don't forget the older Blackmagic Cinema and Production Cameras with a Nauticam housing. Optional power pack with 3.5 hours of run time. SDI or HDMI out. However, sensor is only Super 35.


However, it seems that the 8-bit Sony A7xII series with FF sensor has filled the low-end market thus leaving only the GH5 as a more-than-8-bit video camera. Personally, I was very much tempted to go with Magic Lantern on a Canon 5D3. However the unofficial pioneering nature of ML together with limited recording time and high cost of recording media made me hesitate.


I guess there are many 5D3 videoshooters still waiting for Canon to launch a proper video camera in DSLR form factor...

In Topic: Taking the housing as carry-on

09 August 2017 - 11:53 PM

One of my customers did not remove the O-ring before flying and he then wondered why the back window had popped out during flight. Luckily it had. Because there is the risk that the normal pressurized air would just leak out into the underpressurized cabin. On landing, you would then end up with a slight vacuum inside the housing. Without a vacuum valve, you might try to release the vacuum by opening one of the spare bulkheads, if any.