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L & M Wide Angle lens disassembly

07 February 2013 - 06:07 AM

I have a Light & Motion Wide angle lens that I need to take apart to clean. I believe it is the 100 or 135 degree model and I know that it was made in house by L&M rather than one of the later Fathom lenses. it was originally for a PD150 housing and has an adapter ring to fit on the A1 Bluefin housing.
I regularly strip and clean the standard wide angle lens for the Bluefin by removing the O ring from the inside lens and then taking out the inner lens.
The wide angle does not have an O ring on the inside lens, it only has one on the outside dome glass lens. I have removed the outer O ring but I cannot get the lens to move. It looks like there is another O ring around the outer edge of the outer dome glass lens. I have tried a small suction pad to grip the lens and pull it out but I cannot move it.
Can any one help?
I have tried L&M via their service ticket system with regard to several issues and have only once received an automated response followed by absolutely nothing.