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Storage of camera rig

21 April 2011 - 09:15 AM

So when not diving I keep the rig setup in my closet. The temperature is fine. Do I need to take the kit apart? I have the Nauticam 550d setup. Should I unscrew everything or is it OK to keep the camera completely setup (i do take out the camera so i can use it for non-dive events).

So far I only have one dome so I don't change that out. I'd imagine the parts are designed to sit setup for long periods of time.


Copyright Contract

21 April 2011 - 08:58 AM

So I am getting to the point where people are asking to buy my photos. Some are buying for artistic purposes, others are buying photos of themselves (I typically join my dive shops open water class and do photography, letting people buy pictures).

Does anyone have a simple contract they would be willing to post here or provide to me directly? I am basically looking for something along the lines of:

You are purchasing the photo from me, but not the right to produce copies of it for retail purposes.
You may make copies of the photos to provide to family/friends (e.g. Holiday cards, birthday cards, etc)
You may not remove my name from the photo(s) as this identifies the artist (in this case me)
Unless agreed upon you allow me the right to use a dive photo of you in advertisements (on a side note i doubt this would happen, but potentially it could)

Basically I am looking for something simple along those lines. My overall goal is to protect myself and my work. Suggestions/input is appreciated.

On a side note I plan to sell photos of divers at $10/photo. This includes any post processing work. I think this is fair considering the cost of equipment, the time spent taking the shots (the dive day), post processing, and getting the photos to the user.

What do you guys think?