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01 March 2011 - 10:38 PM

one question i do have about the I-Torch... is what parts would i need to mount it to the hand grip of an ikelite housing? this is the handle i have http://www.ikelite.c...ompact_acc.html (under compact video handle)

I'm about to make your day. I have a pair of I-torch video lights and I'm in the process of transferring them to my Ikelite housing that houses my Canon HF21. Here is a pic of my current rig (Lumix ZS3/i-Torch video lights) and a vid taken with it.

For my Ikelite housing and handle there is a compatability problem and I can spare you some grief based on some countless hours of research. The i-Torch video lights have a YS (sea and sea) style mount and the Ikelite arm has an exposed bolt. Ikelite has its V8 solution,, but they don't have locline arms that have a YS mount if you want to go with the i-Torch product. I came across a business in the UK that is custom making a a pair of locline arms for me for a reasonable price. Jaime from ManfishPhoto is making them. He has a presence on Ebay under the DiverTribe store. The base is different from mine which is why he is making a custom fit for me. The link below is for the arms and below that is my new ikelite housing


Getting back to the I-Torch video lights. I like them. They give off a nice bright white light with no hot spot. As Jack pointed out above, they do have a hard edge drop-off. But this can be dealt with by adding a diffuser. Another point....they are negatively buoyant! I will be adding some sort of DIY floatation to get the rig neutral.