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In Topic: Subal D300s back?

12 February 2010 - 08:54 AM

Is there any retrofit for the D200 housing?

In Topic: Travel Warning: Don't Pack a Pelican

25 November 2009 - 05:08 PM

I hate to say this, but anyone who has read the posts here knows that traveling through San Juan is a big risk. Dive and camera equipment get stolen here on a regular basis.
Shame on AA, shame on the TSA, and shame on us for continuing to fly through either Miami or San Juan with anything of value checked.
If I visit Bonaire, and I love it, Continental is the only flight I'd take. Problem is, they don't fly full time.
If divers stopped going, I'll bet someone might do something about the problem. It's a heck of a lot bigger than anyone admits, and it's been going on for YEARS.

In Topic: Travel Warning: Don't Pack a Pelican

25 November 2009 - 05:01 PM

As anyone who has read posts here, you can't expect to go through San Juan on AA without expecting gear to be stolen. It's been going on for years and no one has been able to stop it.
Shame on the airlines, shame on the TSA, and shame on us for flying through San Juan or Miami.

I just returned from Bonaire. It was a mixed week of diving with a story I wanted to share.

In the last year, I assembled two DSLR rigs. One Aquatica S2 and the other a Sea and Sea DX-70. Both had dual Inon storbes and the works. Following the lead of many posters here on the board and that of the agent who sold me the Aquatica rig, I packed them carefully in Pelican 1610 cases. I put no camera or scuba related stickers on the cases and I secured them with TSA approved locks.

We departed last Saturday for Bonaire on American Airlines. We laid over in San Jaun and then flew via Turbo prop the next day. This overnight was the usual unexpected delay. Our bags did not make it to Bonaire until the following evening. All four bags made it, but one Pelican case had its lock cut and had been cherry picked for the housing, gears, and ports. OK, so we still had one rig to use in Bonaire and had a pretty good time.

We left for Austin the following Sunday and our bags did not make the connection in Dallas. When they were delivered today, guess what? Both Pelican cases made it home, but the Aquatica rig was no longer in the case nor were the ports, gears, or strobes.

This has made me very sad to say the least. Most of it was insured, but that still does not make it OK. I wanted you all to hear this story because I feel certain that the "expensive nature" of things enclosed in Pelican cases made these high value targets in the San Juan airport. Be warned if you are traveling with your rigs in one of these cases. They must scream "TAKE ME, I can be sold on eBay".

For future flights, once we have recovered from this theft and reassembled our kits, we will not be packing in Pelicans. I will be carrying my housing on the flight along with my lenses and computer. What else can you do?

I hope this helps some of you not experience the loss that I did in the last week. Sherri and I are devastated at the total lack of security and regard the airlines have for their passengers that pay thousands of dollars to fly with them.

Best regards all,