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for Sale SUBAL ND300s & a lot more...

16 December 2011 - 02:13 PM

The following equipment is in MORE THAN EXCELENT conditions because has been used in 5 dives!

Subal ND300s for Nikon D300s w/ GS Viewfinder V4 plus…
2 ea. Inon Z-240 Strobe Type 4
2 ea. Inon Neoprene Strobe Cover D/Z
2 ea. Sea & Sea Nikonos Style Sync Cord
1 ea. Subal FP-75/4 Flat Port
1 ea. Subal Front Port Cover for V3/V4 Flat Ports
2 ea. Subal Rear Port Cap Ver 4
2 ea. StiX Jumbo Float for ULCS Arms
7 ea. ULCS AC-CSF Clamp, New Style w/ 15� Lateral Movement
1 ea. ULCS AD-6mm Universal Adapter, Stud
2 ea. ULCS BA-TG T-Groove Adapter, for Subal, Sea & Sea, Amphibico
2 ea. ULCS DB-05 5\" Double Ball Arm
2 ea. ULCS DB-08 8\" Double Ball Arm
2 ea. ULCS AD-IN Adapter for Inon Z-series, D-series and S-Series Stro
1 ea. Subal Housing Body Cap, V4
1 ea. Zen Underwater DP-100 100mm Fisheye Dome Port for Subal Type 4
1 ea. Subal EXR-13/4 Extension Ring
1 ea. ULCS AD-SSL 3\" Adapter for Sea & Sea Strobes
1 ea. Subal Zoom Gear for Tokina AF 10-17mm FE in C40, ND30/ND3
1 ea. Think Tank Airport International V2.0 Roller Bag
1 ea. Magic Filter CM for Compact Cameras (Single)
1 ea. Subal housing SPARE O-Ring for Nikon N10/D10/FS2/ND20/ND30/ND300/ND300

Total price: 8690 usd (new one: 11000)