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In Topic: WTB: 8mm analog camcorder

09 January 2017 - 08:10 AM

I found one that works.  Thanks anyway.

In Topic: Lightroom 5 help

29 May 2016 - 08:15 AM

Never mind. Figured it out.  Had to right click on that area and choose basic.

Last time I leave my macbook where my 8 year old grand daughter can get it!

In Topic: Removing handles from tray?

17 May 2016 - 04:47 AM

Definitely, bought the 2 ounce tub so I'll have plenty.  The threads on the aluminum pieces are bare with some corrosion so they'll need plenty of protection.  But I plan to disassemble the tray after diving.

I was surprised by the fizzing action of the Deoxit (plain variety, not gold).  It evidently worked its way down into the threads better than PB blaster.

In Topic: Removing handles from tray?

16 May 2016 - 01:43 PM

Deoxit worked!  Yesterday I heated up the bolt and sprayed with PB blaster and had no luck.  Just now sprayed with Deoxit and it came right off.  Interestingly the handles were full of saltwater.

I have Tefgel on order and will reassemble using that.

In Topic: Removing handles from tray?

15 May 2016 - 05:26 PM

I've used deoxit for years on electronic parts but never on frozen bolts. I'll try it tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.