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#158234 Thinktank Airport Acceleration & Urban Disguise 6

Posted by paquito on 15 February 2008 - 06:50 AM

These carry-on ideas are great but what happens if you make it the counter and they require you check those soft-sided bags, are you okay with that? They will certainly provide a good amount of protection but I prefer that if I am required to check it, that it is a gate-check and not required at the time of checking the other bags. But if that worst-case scenario aoccurs, then its dumped in with the rest at the whim of the handlers. Are you prepared for this possibily occurance?

Currently, I have my Subal housing/handles, flat port, two strobes, arms/clamps, cords, macro lens, essentially everything needed for a macro shoot all contained in a storm 2500 (roller carry-on) with padded dividers. If that case absolutely needs to go into the belly of the plane or be gate-checked, I feel it just couldn't be protected any better. Its only the smaller puddle-jumper planes that this case most certainly wont fit into those tiny racks nor nowhere under the seat and requires gate-checking. But for 90% of the other flights I've experienced no problems and the smaller planes usually only make up one leg of the flights.
In my backpack, I carry the camera body (never attempted to travel with it in the housing), walk-around lens, regulator, two dive computers, and laptop along with misc overnight clothes, etc. My dome is in the backpack if I shoot wide and macro on the same trip and can be swamped into the storm case if needed. I only check one bag when traveling that contains clothes and bcd, fins, etc.

These soft-sided ideas are extremely compelling to me as far as weight, but my concern is running into the stickler agent (ie French Polynesia) who simply wont take "please and valuable" as an excuse and says your bag is going into the belly of the plane and hand it over? Is it just a gamble you take?

I'll accept that I am a complete freak because I feel that if I make it to the destination and cannot shoot pictures underwater, at least I have a land camera to capture the topside fun. And most importantly to me, I get to dive and capture underwater memories - if not on paper.