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#337270 Asking for your views on strobes for Nikon D7000 in Nauticam Housing

Posted by mcgowman on 21 September 2013 - 08:05 AM

I have the NA-D7000 (not the 'V') housing and a pair of Z240s.  Use them for both macro and WA.


The Z240's are not suited for video very well.  I just shoot stills, so my comments are limited to that.


Inon has different diffusers and think you could adjust the temperature in post processing.  I like the fact the Inon's accept standard AA batteries which you can find just about anywhere relatively cheaply.  I use/travel with 3 sets of rechargeable batteries (one set in the strobes, one in the charger, one ready to go).


If you travel, the Inon's a small & light. Same for the batteries, but need to bring a charger when doing multiple photo sessions.  If you use fiber optic to trigger the strobe, those cables weigh next to nothing and are quite reliable.


Was in Bonaire earlier this year when someone had placed his Ike battery packs into his BC pockets for travel and forgot to remove before the first dive.  Made for an expensive mistake and he was strobe-less for the week in a great location.


Hope someone else chimes in with video suggestions...