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In Topic: D7000- Tokina 10-17 Problem

02 October 2011 - 03:20 PM

Thanks for the replies guys ;-)
I had already given the contacts on the lense and camera a wipe over with a lense cloth but it didn't make a difference.
After contacting their warranty dept. their man suggested that I try cleaning the contacts with a plastic rubber.
I was pretty sceptical, but lo and behold it seems to have done the job!
I then changed back and forth between lenses a couple of times and everything still seems to be working ok. Now I just got to get back in the water !
Cheers, John

In Topic: Member introductions

24 September 2011 - 03:50 PM

Hi guys/gals a quick hello to introduce myself. I have been visiting this site for a while and found it quite interesting. I live just Sth of Byron Bay and mostly dive my local site Julian Rocks with Giac and the crew from Sundive. I have only been shooting a couple of years and have recently upgraded from a G9/ Ikelite set up to a Nikon D7000, Tok. 10-17 with 8" dome and a Nikon 60 Macro. Am enjoying having a lot more stuff to fiddle with but at the same time finding it a bit more challenging !!! I have a couple of issues with the 10-17 and D7000 that I will post later in a different part of the forum as I need to do this post first before I can post !
Happy shooting,
Cheers, John