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In Topic: Wide Angle gallery using the OMD-EM5

20 June 2014 - 01:19 AM

Wow, beautiful.


Have you cropped because you said 8mm Fisheye used?


Very Nice and thanks for sharing


Some shots had been slightly (Maybe 10%) cropped to get rid of backscatter by flashes on the sides (With the 8mm FE you REALLY have to pull back the flashes!!). Most pics are uncropped.

In Topic: Wide Angle gallery using the OMD-EM5

09 May 2014 - 01:33 PM

Thanks Pete. I am happy to help you in making the decission. I am sure you will not regret it.

In Topic: OM-D EM-5 battery (indicator) issue

06 May 2014 - 02:33 PM

Hi Nicolas.


In my EM5 the display shows the battery icon whenever I turn the camera on. It shows a few seconds on the display as well as in the EVF. You can change the warning level after which the camera starts showing the battery symbol constantly using menu "K" under "Warning level". Adjusting the level to +2 will show the icon much more early.

The reason for the battery being low after two weeks of non usage is called "self discharge". The self discharge on li-Ion betteries is much higher as it is on for instance on NiMH or alcaline. So a half charged bettery might become low easily after two weeks.

I would advise you to prepare and check the camera shortly before leaving for a dive. Best in a dry place (hotel room) or whatever. This would include making a test shot, check the buttons and levers are working, the card is inserted the lense cap removed (I know from painful own eperience) the flashes are firing and whatever else would come to ur mind.

I always have three batteries with me so I can have one in the camera, one charged for spare and one in the charger.


Hope this helps.


Kind regards.



In Topic: EM1 Nauticam Housing Challenge

28 April 2014 - 11:11 AM



I had a similar issue with my Nauticam housing for the NEX5. On the steel shafts without any gear there is usually a little black "tip" glued to the end making the contact with the camera control. In my housing one of this tips did become loose and so the button did not make contact anymore. I fixed this by glueing a short snippet of a Q-Tip stick instead and all was working properly again. Alternatively you can surely send it in to Nauticam for repair - but in case you need something quick' dirty.




In Topic: Raja Ampat 2013

28 April 2014 - 10:59 AM

Nice! Really nice!

Love the swarm fish shots as well as the cave ones.