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#346581 Leak Sentinel from Vivid Housings

Posted by and178schwarz on 22 April 2014 - 03:25 AM

Just to clarify:

I do not recommend or would do the preparation of the housing itself in any other environment then a quiet and dry place where you can put the required attention on maintaining O-Rings etc.

The only thing I have "outsourced" was the depresurization of the housing - so when the equipment has reached ambient temperature.

As the housing is closed and setup no outside humid air can get inside - so the risk of condensation is minimal. To be sure I usually place a pack of silica-gel below the camera.

#329528 New to underwater photography

Posted by and178schwarz on 10 April 2013 - 02:37 PM

Hi all.


I fairly new to underwater imaging. Just finished my 2nd trip using a Sony NEX 5 in Nauticam.

I would like to get some opinions on the shots I took on my very first foto trip in 2011.



Keep smiling, Dragonhead, Sony NEX-5 18-55mm at 55, single Inon S-2000.


Directional advice, Boxer-shrimp, sony NEX-5 18-55mm@55 + Inon UCL165, single S-2000


Hangtime, divers at safety stop, Sony NEX-5 16mm+VCL-ECF, available light.


Approaching Dolphins, Sony NEX-5 16mm + VCL-ECF, available light


Dolphins, NEX-5 16mm + VCL-ECF, available light.


Thanks for comments in advance.