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Wide Angle gallery using the OMD-EM5

25 April 2014 - 01:18 AM

Dear all.


I published a gallery of wide angle and some topside shots I took using the Olympus OMD EM5 (Nauticam housing).

Pictures are a mixed bag taken with the 8mm using the 4,33" Dome and 7-14mm using a 170mm Inon Dome with D&D 50mm MIL to Inon Adapter.




Comments or recommendations are welcome.


Kind regards.



Bali and Komodo Trip 2013

25 August 2013 - 09:38 AM

Hi all.


I have created two Galeries on SmugMug from our trip to Bali / Komodo earlier this year for those that might be interested.



We did stay at the "Teluk-Karang" Diveresort which is roughly a 40 minutes drive to the west of the Tulamben National Park and the Liberty Wreck.

It had been providing us a perfect starting point for our trips to the dive spots around but "best" of all most likely had been the the "House-Reef" (Paradise Canyon) which an amazing amount and viarity of macro stuff. 

Even so the black sand is quite a shock at first if you never dived such it gives a natural perfect background for images making colors bright and lumious.




Here we did stay on the "Moana" diving vessel which carried us safely to the wonderful dive spots in the nothern Komodo islands such as "Castle Rock", "Crystal Rock", "The Cauldron", "Makasar Reef" and so on. It jsut had been a 5 day trip - so 3 and a half diving days and I really wished to have seen more. 


Gear used had been Oly OM-D in Nauticam housing with 8mm, 12-50mm and 60mm lenses, 12-50 zoom port and 4.33" dome, 2 Inon S2000 and L&M Sola Focuslight.

Overall I had been very satisfied with the kit. If I could have made a "wish" so I would have preferred to have a switch to toggle the flash on off rather then going through the menu.

Also the 12-50mm with the NA zoom gear is quite heavy so requires a lot of float. My 4 Jumbo Stixx had definitely not been enough.

Picture of the 12-50mm is good but compared to the image quality of the 60mm and especially the 8mm it falls a bit behind.


Thanks for watching.

Let me know what you think.



Andy Schwarz