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Camera permits in Belize?

26 December 2013 - 12:27 PM

Hi guys,


Was researching diving in Belize and came across mention that if a person has a SLR or larger camera they have to apply for a film permit to photograph / film the whale sharks? Has anyone had any experience with this?  


Seems a bit OTT?

Hawaii Black Water Diving

08 March 2013 - 12:38 AM

Here's a little compilation of the footage I took on the 2 night dives we did in February in Kona with Jack's Diving Locker.  It was an amazing experience: apart from the guides, my husband and I were the only 2 divers and some pretty amazing things floated by. The biggest challenges were keeping the critters in frame, keeping them in my 2 beams of light from my Sola's (Matt, the dive guide, used 5 lights!!!!), keeping things steady, and getting the aperture right.  Lots of things to consider.  I think if I'd had a week, I'd have come away with some award winning stuff   ;) , but alas, 2 night dives of 75 minutes each was all we had.  


Song is "You're So Cool" by Hans Zimmer feature in the movie "True Romance".  Filmed on my Sony HDR 550 with 2 Sola 1200 lights (painfully inadequate!!!)


Hope you enjoy.



Disappearing Giant Kelp Forests of Tasmania

06 January 2013 - 02:51 AM

Hello fellow Wetpixelians,

I attach my latest labour of love: a video I pulled together from footage I took on two dive trips to Tasmania - the first early last January (2012) and the second just this past week. Both times we dove with Eaglehawk Dive Centre (a very well run operation).

Tasmania is a harsh and heartbreakingly beautiful island both above and below the water.

We returned home not a day too soon: the day after our departure, the majority of the Tasman Peninsula (where we were staying) was overcome with bush fires. The dive centre is still without power and the one road off of the peninsula is still closed. Our thoughts are with the residents of the peninsula.

Hope you enjoy.