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Airport transport

04 April 2011 - 11:51 PM

Hi All,

I'm going on a 6-week trip to Africa and will be diving in three locations in Southern Africa, mainly Mozambique and South Africa. I need a lightweight and manageable set up for traveling, and want to make sure I can have expensive gear on my body when needed. But there's no way I can use a cross-body messenger type bag to carry my dry camera gear (Canon 5d, 3 lenses, extender, hotshot mic, tripod, netbook) and my u/w gear (Ikelite with wide angle dome port, 1-2 strobes w/arms, underwater dive light, flashlight, 2 regulators). This means I'll need to roll a carry on with my u/w gear and have a messenger for my dry gear. I was thinking of using a Tenba Messenger, a Pelican Studio Cruiser rollling hardcase for the u/w carry on stuff, and then a rolling dive duffel for my clothes, wetsuit, BC, fins, mask, etc. The Seasoft Dry Roller looks good, but I can't find a review.

So, does anyone have experience with some good lightweight, durable, multifunctional luggage? I'll need to take the dive bag on small boats that won't have room for both a pelican and divebag, but I'll need all my camera gear with me for topside and u/w shooting.

Also, I want to be sure the check-in bag has the ability to stand upright on its own and is waterproof and has a carry strap for over shoulder or backpack functionality.

ANY INPUT? Oh, I know this is mindnumbing minutia, but it would be so helpful to have some input.