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Correct extension for Nikon 16-35

29 March 2014 - 08:25 AM

Hey all


I am wrapping up setup of Nikon 16-35 for my D700 in Sea&Sea housing and need to make a decision on extension size. I plan to use Sea&Sea 240 dome.


Extension size seems to be the key for sharpness based on information I have found here and at other places so I am taking some time to make a decision here.


I see people using the following extensions for this lens on variety of FF Nikon cameras, housings and ports:

1. 60mm - default Hugyfot solution for 8'' dome port

2. 63.5mm - default Aquatica solution for 9.25'' dome port

3. 70mm - default Nauticam solution for 8.5 '' dome port + have seen people with Sea&Sea housing using exactly this size with some custom solutions for Zen 230

4. 80mm - default Sea&Sea solution (as 2 times 40mm extension) for my exact dome --> manufacturer recommended solution

5. 90mm - default Subal solution as one 90mm extension for Subal big dome ports 


I do understand that each setup is specific, but still I am not sure what is the best option for my setup.


Sea&Sea recommendation is I believe based on the fact that they have only 40mm and 20mm extensions and therefore this could be perceived as best compromise and not really best overall solution. 70mm is just below and 90mm is just above so I am really considering these along 80mm to be maybe the best option and willing to stretch for an extra mile if needed to get there.


I can not experiment so what I decide now will most probably be what I will use on the next 2 trips I have in next 2 months. 


1. Does anyone has real-life experience with Nikon 16-35, Sea&Sea housing and Sea&Sea 240 dome?

2. Does anyone without this specific setup has a solid opinion on what I should use for my setup?

3. What do you think of combining 2 Sea&Sea extensions without lock since that looks like a bit risky to me? 




acrylic vs. glass domes

26 March 2014 - 01:52 PM



I need few opinions to help me make final decision on purchase.


I have Nikon D700 and Sea&Sea housing for it. Until now was shooting with Sigma 15mm in medium size glass dome (Optical Dome Port 7.2 inch).


For the upcoming trips I am about to start using Nikon 16-35 and I think I need bigger dome for it to manage corner sharpness. Therefore I have decided to get a new dome.


Option 1: Fisheye Dome Port 240, acrylic made, 10 inch - around 700USD

Option 2: Zen DP-230 Superdome, 10 inch - around 1900 USD


Price difference is around 1:3


What do I get/loose?


Option 1 Pros:

- 3 times cheaper

- more lightweight

Option 1 cons:

- easier to scratch

- not so good for split shots


Currently I am leaning toward Option 1.


What do you think and what would you advise me?


Note: I am not a pro and 100 dives per year is Mt. Everest to me :-(





Should we periodically change housing and port o-rings?

02 November 2013 - 02:34 AM

Do you guys have a rule of thumb when to change o-rings even when no visible defects are present?


Why ... I guess o-rings can lose elasticity and some other quality without noticeable visual marks that would indicate that, but not 100% sure on what to do.


So, if we assume that t looks good, but is old for let's say 2-3 years ... what to do? In past, with Nikonos this is what I would do exactly ... just to be sure.

Sea & Sea YS-250PRO and light modifiers

16 June 2013 - 04:09 AM

Hi all


I have 2 of these and use them with Nikon D700.


What is your opinion on color of light it comes from them?


I see people using yellow filters on top of them.


Any opinions, preferences on light modifiers on top of it?


There is a generic discussion on http://wetpixel.com/...showtopic=48125 and Alex Mustard article on http://www.amustard....xt=strobecolour but I am really interested in in YS-250PRO experiences.




Sigma 15mm vs. Nikon 16mm fisheye

16 June 2013 - 04:06 AM

Hi all


I shoot with Sigma fisheye on Nikon D700 in Sea and Sea housing with 7.2 inch glass dome.


I opted for Sigma 15mm fisheye since I saw it was a preferred lens of some of the leading underwater photographers out there.


My understanding of its advantage over Nikon's fisheye is its ability to focus on shorter distance from the lens which gives me better CFWA capabilities. This is what I need and I am happy with this. 


But, what about sharpness between these 2 lenses? Based on what I have found out, in general Nikon should be more sharp, but no sure if and how much exactly.


So, does anyone has a practical experience with both lenses and opinion on props and cons and a recommendation.


I am trying to see is there a space for improvement gear wise for fisheye setup I have.