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06 April 2011 - 12:44 PM

Hi Drew!
Not sure if I'll be making anything for broadcast yet! But it is nice to keep in mind ;) The camera I'm looking to buy at this time, would to be honest, be used above water much much more than below water, given my experience in the water and living in Toronto year round doesn't help.
The broadcast level video cameras are unfortunately out of my price range if purchased new- not sure about used, the EX cams don't come up too often in my area. I'm thinking I may go for a DSLR, probably the 7D (haven't heard too much about the T3i and it's manual capabilities although I do like it's $1000 less ':rolleyes:), still a bit nervous about the DSLRs ability to shoot continuously for some time though.
Thanks for sharing the pro-tip, it's already helped me in being more realistic about the types of cameras I can afford and really need, ideally we'd all be shooting with the best of the best! However, I think for me it's key I start with an entry level so when I do decide to make a larger purchase I know exactly what type of shots I'm drawn to, and the type of work I'm getting (another question in it's self! How DID you all get to working in underwater video?!).
Many thanks!

In Topic: Too many options! too long of post?

06 April 2011 - 10:53 AM

hi folks!
Thanks for all your replies! To answer a few questions, the type of work I'd like to produce is mainly documentary style, somewhat in the experimental realm. I do enjoy taking photographs, however mainly I'd like to be recording. 7D users, what's the length of time you're getting on continuous shooting underwater? The guy at my local camera shop is saying I'll get 7 minutes, which I suppose is a fairly long time, but for my style shooting a like to have really extended shots for pure observation. All the DSLR clips you all have directed me to have been great, it's really really making me lean towards team DSLR, especially for traveling around reasons. Oh yeah, as far as my budget goes (RealDrew), it's not for a production (I wish!!), it's for the camera I'll be using for idea's I want to further myself. I'd really like to spend as little as possible, but I know that I'd going to have to stretch it to get quality (that's why I'm even considering something like the EX1)... a few months ago I was sure I would just get the T3i and be set, then when I went to go purchase it the local cam shop guy brought up those points I mentioned in the OP and got me obsessing over which choice to make. Seok you make a great point in de-valuing especially since this is the first "real" camera purchase I'm making, I may want to change it up as early as next year!
Drew, I tried to find more info on the Canon FX10x but I guess my internet skills aren't the best cause I couldn't find much! Any more info you've got on it would be great (I understand you're probably busy though!).
Thanks again everyone for your input! And Capt. Caveman, that real life example was perfect- it puts a lot of things into perspective as far as confidence with equipment, and how especially with documentary I want to be able to capture the unexpected quickly with quality!

One more question! When I brought up that I knew there were lots of videographers using DSLRs underwater to the local camera shop guy, he said that the only way they were doing that was by having multiple cameras and camera-persons... How often is this the case?

thank you thank you thank you for the advice!

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05 April 2011 - 07:40 AM

Hi all,
New to scuba, but have been studying film for too long. Looking forward to learning from this site!