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In Topic: D300 to 7d Mk II Good Idea?

17 September 2014 - 09:19 AM

J - You need 2 identical camera bodies anyway so you have a backup  :)  On a trip several years I had 2 D70 bodies fail in the same manner over a 10 day period.  Something about the shelf life of a micro processor that controls read/write to the CF card.

In Topic: D300 to 7d Mk II Good Idea?

17 September 2014 - 09:16 AM

Tim,  I understand what you're saying.  Hoping I could sell things that I no longer could use (not only DX's).  Probably for not for a lot of $$ due to age, but any amount would help.  I'm also hoping for good video with a new camera (D300 has none).  I've generally heard that Canon has better video than Nikon for this level camera.  For me at this stage it's more about features & a few more pixels than brand.  Like to stay with Nikon but.........


You're correct that a new lens package would be a big part of a brand change.  New bodies, housing, maybe ports & misc costs would be similar for either brand.

In Topic: Am I going soft: Nikkor 16-35mm

11 September 2014 - 07:36 AM

Try a +3 or +4 to see if that helps.  Had similar issues several years ago with different setup.  More diopter made a noticeable difference.

In Topic: Diving in Alor/Komodo - How strong are the currents?

23 June 2014 - 05:24 PM

If you're diving Komodo take a reef hook & inflatable sausage.  And keep your dive guide in sight.  Conditions can change quickly at a few sites.  Currents are affected by the tide but in some areas there may still be some  current even at slack tide.  If you want to hang out with schools of fish you will be in a current.  No current - no fish in general.  Some dive operators/boats seem to have a fixed dive schedule & may not pay that much attention to the tidal currents.  On the bright side, if current is ripping at a site come back in 3 hrs - it will be a lot less.  Other than that Komodo offers great diving.  Most site are relative calm most of the time.  Cannibal Rock is a must for critters.  I've dove Komodo on 3 trips from a liveaboard.  Don't recall more than a couple of dives on the whole trip where current was really ripping.  (Fast drift dive - no photos.)  I have no problem going back again.

Diving Alor in Nov for the first time.  Haven't heard much about strong currents.

In Topic: Ikelite View Finder Fog

22 June 2014 - 03:06 PM

Suggest that you purchase a complete set of spare o-rings for the entire housing configuration (factory rebuild kit).  Also get a set of c-clips that go on the control shafts.

Before disassembling anything with o-rings its good to have spares standing by just in case.  If you're sending the viewfinder off for service, ask Ike to include a rebuild kit when they return the viewer.  Not sure of the cost for the kit.


If your housing hasn't been serviced for a few years it might be time to do that.  ALL o-rings & c-clips should be replaced at this time.