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In Topic: Sola 800 vs. I-Torch Video Pro 4

26 September 2012 - 12:17 AM

I understand defective products get out, but a torch is important. It's not when I am on an oil rig in Malaysia that I want to realize the thing is ittermittently crapping out.

For 500eur, I expect a 'professional' product has had burn in time. We are talking about a 500eur flashlight, right :-)

Compared to the Sola, there are some big things missing, like no way to know if the battery in your light is charged, zero feedback. Also, the charger, when empty or no connect, is green, which means 'good'. Couple that with the issue where the batts are not connecting, and this is a huge fail imo.

I am sorry if my review sounded harsh, but seriously, check out this photo of the charger (), how is it 'professional' to have a bare PCB and solder points on the charger for a marine device?

I just checked, mine takes a full press fast off and on to cycle. I know that seems not a big deal, but at night, someone turning their torch on and off 5 times is not normal, they seem in need of attention.


In Topic: Sola 800 vs. I-Torch Video Pro 4

24 September 2012 - 09:06 PM

I would like to chime in here.

As a Sola Photo 800 user, I decided to buy another torch and give the sola to my girlfriend.

I bought the pro video 4. In the past two weeks I tried to use it on ~30 dives.

Let me just get to it: there is nothing 'PRO' about this torch, in all things it is unprofessional. The charger has exposed soldering and looks like a child's science project. The batteries do not fit in the charger and required my jamming a bobby pin into one end to even charge properly. I received it with one bad/dead battery that is unable to charge. Sometimes the charger AC adapter says 'green' but the batterry is not charged (no proper battery connection, or empty charger == green: FAIL! I-Torch FAIL!)

Now on to diving.
There is some intermittent issue with the Pro Video 4 where it turns on for 5 seconds and then turns off. I have had it work fine on the surface and then do this underwater, or work fine underwater after not working on the surface. This is NOT a torch for night diving. It seems an issue with the nipple of the batteries not sticking out enough (?) I cannot figure it out. It's just an exercise in frustration. There is no feedback that the battery is getting low or even charged like the Sola.
It is not flooding, always dry.

Operation: This is so clumsy. Let's say you want to turn on bright red because you see a crustacean. You must do the following: TURN OFF, TURN ON, TURN OFF, TURN ON, TURN OFF, TURN ON. One full off/on cycle for each level of brightness. Makes Sola seem like a friggin work of art!

DO NOT BUY a torch based on the images of brightness above. The sola is expensive, but it f*cking works, this thing is trash, I will try to return it for cash, but the housing scratches so easily :(

I-Torch Pro Video 4: Exercise in frustration