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In Topic: My best 160 seconds this summer

20 October 2011 - 01:47 PM


I have just made an underwater video with my D-SLR Nikon D7000, in which I boiled down the very best of the ca 15-20 dives this summer into 160 seconds.

All scenes are taken in the (murky but exiting) waters of the swedish west coast.

In the movie there are wrecks, nudibranches, fishes, lobsters, divers etc.

As always, I did the filming, editing and composed (etc) the music.

I have uploaded it to a Nikon movie competition. Mine is the only underwater movie in the competition.
I AM UNDERWATER - Nikon Film Festival

(don't try the fullscreen version as it's only a pixel zoom)

It would be great if you would like to watch it, even more fun if you took the time to write a comment and I guess the best would be if you would be nice and give me a high grade (just click on the star to the very right, 5 star ;-)).

Peter Segerdahl

Hi Peter,
Great little film. What lens were you using ? and what lighting set-up please ?

In Topic: Help Balancing Housing

05 September 2011 - 12:07 AM

1 move the heavy Ikelite tray all forward
2 wrap some lead tape around the dome extension ring or stick the car rim leads on the lower dome shade
3 build a "stabilizer wing" for video use and mount the weights there on the front edge. Have slots so that you can slide it foreward and backward
to adjust the amount of weight foreward. The wing should go between the housing and the tray and is blocked by the tray bolts.
The lead wrap around the extension ring will help also to avoid stray light creating reflections inside the dome as the ambient light
shines trough the transparent dome extension ring. I made a "tube" out of a old wetsuit to slip over the dome extension ring.
Once you have strobes/video lights you may move them as much forward as possible to adjust the buoyancy on the fly.



Would you have a couple of pics to illustrate your set-up please ? that would sooooo useful !


In Topic: Night Dive with Canon 5dII

27 May 2011 - 03:08 AM

I would be interested in seeing or getting more detail on the wings you mentioned.

A friend film maker too, mentioned that to me but I have never actually seen it with my own eyes. But it makes sense doesn't it

In Topic: Night Dive with Canon 5dII

25 May 2011 - 04:17 PM

- I actually tried not to zoom while shooting footage. I think that zooming while recording looks very unnatural. So when I used the 17-40mm I would zoom or zoom out, focus, then record.
-I actually stopped using the 17-40mm (underwater) in favor of the 15mm fisheye. The corners were very soft. It was very noticable. I don't have the diopter for the lens. Some people say that helps a bit. FYI, I have the 8 inch ike dome as well. Again, I just like the way the fisheye looks. It was much sharper than the 17-40. I felt the 17 was wide enough for me, (of course I wasn't shooting anything huge) I am by no means an expert on this. But to my eye the 15mm looks better.
-The Ikelite out of water is heavy I think. underwater, with the 8 inch dome, and no lights, it would want to flip on its back, with the dome towards the surface. I need to figure something out to make it more evenly balanced. This would obviously affect the smoothness of the shots. I found that it is difficult to be steady. I also found that when you hit the record button, that will move the footage and not look good at the very first. This might just be my technique that is screwing it up. I didn't find it to be too big of deal though, when I edit it, is just cut off the first fraction of a second and it looks good from there on out.

As a side note. I didn't take the sensor dust too seriously. I ended up with a full day with a big black speck on the footage. I will be more careful with this later from here on out.

Do you have the ikelite housing? I looked at your profile and it looks like you have it already. What are you thoughts regarding it?

Hi mate,
I actually don't have the housing yet, because I would prefer to find a housing that offers full manual control , including focus ring ... and Ikelite doesn't ... rrrggghhh. So that means Aquatica etc but pricey :P

Interesting feedback you give. Regarding fisheye, how do you find the footage without light ? especially with 180deg angle lens which would be challenging. I actually would suggest you insert Magic Filter in it, looks awesome as long as you remain within 15m.

Yes, with 17-40 I read a lot about soft edge, unless maybe you have a bigger dome (which Ikelite does not offer) or diopter

Regarding the weight & balance, I have heard some people installing small"wings" type panel underneath the housing which helps a lot about balance and smooth shot.

Over to you :B):

In Topic: Night Dive with Canon 5dII

23 May 2011 - 10:37 PM


Having only dove with it maybe 20 times (I have read up on this quite a bit), here is what I can tell you

-I am not 100% sure on the view finder question. I believe it shows the entire lcd. I never found it limiting.
-I have only shot wide angle with the 15mm and the 17-40mm. I have not tried to switch over the zoom ring to focus. To be honest, I don't find it that difficult to focus. Especially with wide angle. I try to keep my f stop between f11 and f8. Then I focus on something maybe 2-3 feet away, using the cameras auto focus. Then you can leave the focus there. Again, with wide angle it isn't a big deal. If you are shooting macro I can see it being a problem. But if you want to shoot macro, ikelite, I believe has a port for the 100mm that allows manual focus. A tri pod will also be necessary for perfect footage.
- As for distortion. I personally have no issue with it. I guess it depends how particular you are. In my opinion, the underwater footage, for an untrained eye, they wouldn't notice anything looked distorted. The topside footage however is much easier to see the distortion. There is a ton of video out there. I know Captain Caveman (member of wetpixel) shoots everything with a fisheye. And his footage looks great! Do a search for his posts and you will find them.

All in all the ikelite has its pro's and cons. I like that I can see the o-ring and see leaks if it ever occurs. I also like the price point. As I only do about 2-3 dive trips a year, I can't justify the more expensive housings. And not being as comfortable with the camera's functions, I like that the buttons are located where they are at on the camera. However, I'm sure for people with more experience view this as a con. other housings have the buttons that are more convinently placed. Ikelite's support is also excellent. The 4 lock port system is also a big improvement. It weighs a lot.

Hope that helps

Thanks mate for taking the time to get into details.

- How do you deal with focusing whilst zooming with your 17-40mm ? must be challenging & fish don't normally wait for you :B):
- How do you find the footage with your 17-40mm , especially on the edges, is it acceptable ? and do you find that at 17mm it is wide enough ? (just because I am thinking on relying only on a 17-40mm for now even for wide angle shot)
- Finally, you mention the weight, do you mean it is a good weight to avoid jerky shots ?

Sorry for all these questions !