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Mounting options for focus light

24 May 2013 - 12:54 AM

I've recently switched from using a Fantasea Nano as a focus light to a Sola 800. I love the Sola but I am having some issues mounting it in a way that allows me to easily adjust it under water. I currently use a cold shoe ball mount and attach the sola using a normal clamp (the sola has a ball mount as well).


The problem I find is that if I have the clamp lose enough to move the light around it becomes unstable underwater so I have to tighten it quite hard. When the light is attached this tight I have to let go of the camera, unscrew the clamp, re-position the light and re-tighten the clamp just to move the light from lets say macro to video mode. I've been searching the web and looking at forums for a different mount solution that will allow me to move the light around without having to open/close the clamp each time. Any recommendations?     

New intermediate level set-up, please help!

20 March 2013 - 04:43 AM

Hi guys!

I have been searching around the forums and there are so many good threads however my problem is that there is almost too much information. I've been shooting underwater for about 5 years and being a real geek when it comes to my hobbies I think I am learning to take some decent shots, both wide-angle and macro. I've been using a canon G9 compact with a Sea&Sea YS01 strobe but on a recent deep dive chasing hammerheads in Egypt I managed to flood my strobe. I also turn 30 this April and have decided to gift myself :) a new set-up, both camera and strobe(s).


I need your help though. I am looking for a versatile Micro 4/3 system with one or two strobes and lenses and ports which allows me to shoot both macro and wide-angle (I realize that I probably won't be able to shoot both WA and Macro on the same dive when I switch away from the compact camera system). I've been looking at the Olympus cameras mostly due to the fact that their own housings seem quite reasonable price-wise but the set-up can be any brand really. 

So a versatile camera + housing + lens (lenses?) and port(s) + one or two strobes and I am looking to pay no more than 3500 euro / 4000 USD (cheaper is of course better, this is my absolute max!). I live in Sweden so finding a dealer within the EU means no import taxes or customs fees which are quite high if i buy from the US. 


Any advice is very greatly appreciated!


I have attached a recent shot so that you can see what sort of skill level I am today shooting with my G9 (the picture is overexposed but what the heck).


Many thanks!



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