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HELP! Aquatica 5DMK2 loose rubber wheel on main dial

28 January 2012 - 10:54 AM

the Aquatica housing for 5DMK2 I purchased recently and never dived with (but in the bathtub for testing) fails operate the main dial on the camera.

The problem is the following: on the right side of the camera housing is the main dial access knob. This knob rotates gears inside the housing. At the end of the gears is a metal axis with a rubber wheel at its end. This rubber wheel is pressed against the main dial when the camera is inserted. Rotate the knob and you operate the main dial.

However, in my housing, the rubber wheel is loose on its axis. When NOT under pressure, it rotates fine along the axis and stays in place. However, when the camera is inserted and secured in the housing with the saddle attached, it fails to rotate the main dial. It simply doesn't have enough grip and let the axis turns on its own.

I contacted Aquatica just today and I'm sure I'll get a quick answer. However, I was wondering if any of you already had a similar issue. And if yes, I'm eager to hear about how you fixed it.

Looking for a solution and trying to figure out what was the issue, I successfully removed the wheel from the axis, without any resistance. Of course, I wouldn't have pulled it away if I felt any kind of resistance.
After its removal, the wheel goes back in place nicely but the problem remains. The wheel is roughly the same size as a tire on a lego car.

So I thought I should find a way to fix it properly. One thing came to my mind: GLU. Since I never had to use glue in my previous housings (Sony DVcam, Olympus PT-5050, GoPro), I have no idea what are the risks related to the use of glu in this kind of environment. Also, maybe it's easy to remove for a good reason ! Fixing it might create more troubles than it solves.

That's why I'd like to share some experience with you. Maybe I just miss something very simple. Like I said, it's the first time I operate such a housing. I'll keep the topic updated after Aquatica's reply. Feel free to drop a line if you have suggestions of questions, they are welcome.