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In Topic: What about the Sony NX5? Anybody.. please help!

27 February 2014 - 05:05 PM

To all my U/W friends that have been so kind to reply on my desperate search for help with the NX5, the following:


Over the last weeks I've made many test dives and again tried to find a solution to the awfully poor performance of the Sony NX5. I must say that the Sony PDF's sent by bottlefish have been a great help in better understanding the settings for this camera, and so the picture quality has improved - yet only marginally !!! I've resolved the issues with color, whitebalance and overexposure. The sharpness however.... what I can say..., it is worse than a cheap 1990's SD consumer camera. I've tested the NX5 side by side with a GOPRO. Of course the GOPRO's colors are awfull, but the pictures are Very Sharp. Even if you stop the video, it's like a photo! The pictures of the NX5 (a still frame) looks like someone took a photo while it was snowing!


According to Sony, who have tested the camera, the camera is performing to spec's. So, in agreement with Carlescas, I can only conclude that the SONY NX5 is A PIECE OF WASTE !!

I too believe the problem is in the AVCHD codec, yet if so, I can't even start to question why a $250 GOPRO (that uses the same AVCHD codec) DOES deliver perfectly sharp images ??


If there's anyone out there that has ANY idea what's going on with this Crappy Sony camera please let me know! If not, I do have a very nice Sony NX5 with Amphibico Phenom NX5SE for sale !! It's cheap.




In Topic: What about the Sony NX5? Anybody.. please help!

29 January 2014 - 03:31 PM

Thanx for the reply. I'll try your suggestions.


Controller, you're right. From the YT videos you can't really see the problem. Actually the shots are both around 8 mtr (25ft) and sunlight conditions were the same. But I can assure you that when you compare the V1E and NX5 on a monitor is full HD, the difference in sharpness is VERY clear. Also when I make a freeze frame, the NX5 pictures are litterally full of square artefacts and grain.


@Carles... the "green shade" is another problem i have with the NX5. Actually this is my second camera! The first one turned all blue to green and there was nothing to change it. Also on land everthing had a greenisch color. The problem was SO bad that we exchanged that cam for a brand new one. Sony acknowledged the problem but couldn't find a solution.


By the way, adding a RED filter isn't that easy. There is hardly any space between the 94 wide dome port and the camera lens. I managed to squeeze a filter in between, but then again you can't change it once in the water.


I hope you have more luck! Let me know what your experience is. I'm not at all happy with this machine.


In Topic: What about the Sony NX5? Anybody.. please help!

29 January 2014 - 11:31 AM



Hard to down load such big files. Pls go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/Evert5423 to see more of my work. You'll easily see what was done with the V1 or the NX5. For example. Compare this footage (V1E) : , with the previous clip.

In Topic: What about the Sony NX5? Anybody.. please help!

29 January 2014 - 10:22 AM

In Topic: What about the Sony NX5? Anybody.. please help!

29 January 2014 - 07:50 AM



Many thanx for the reply. I really appreciate the feedback and hope you can help me. I'm pretty desperate at this moment.

Let me try to share some of the issues I experience with tha NX5.


The most prominent issue is that the camera LACKS any decent SHARPNESS and the pictures are VERY grany. You can already see that in on-shore footage, but underwater it becomes almost UNBEARABLY bad. I've compared footage of a Go-Pro to the NX5 at 30 feet and the Go-Pro is MUCH sharper. I suspect the AVCHD codec, yet the Go-Pro uses the same codec and doesn't seem to have the problem. I hardly can believe that a professional level $5000 camera made by one of the best camera builders in the world delivers such poor quality. Hence the reason that I start to doubt myself and believe I'm doing something terribly wrong with the settings. Compared to the V1E, the NX5 looks like a video camera from the SD era.


Another issue is the coloring. With my Sony HDR-V1E (w/ Amphibico Endeavour) I already got great footage just in Full Auto mode with just applying a red filter. With the NX5, I  have to use extensive Picture Profile settings (color depth, x.V. coloring, etc.) to get some color into the picture. On top of that the NX5 refuses to accept Manual WB below 20 feet!! And since the Phenom Housing doesn't have a red flip filter, it becomes very difficult to get some color in the picture at all, certainly after 30 ft !!



In full auto mode the pictures are very poor (very unsharp and grainy, poor color even with MWB). So I apply a PP setting:

Black Level: standard

Gamma: ITU709 (tried all. this does best)

Knee: standard

Color mode: Standard level 8 (=standard)

Color level: +3

Color phase: +2

Color depth: Red +2, Blue -2

WB Shift: type LB-CC, rest standard

Detail: 0

Skin tone detail: on, standard



I've used two different color blue paper (on shore) to program MWB for 30 ft and deeper, using A and B MWB settings.


Other settings:

On the NX5 i've tried: 0 Gain, manual IRIS, Manual Shutter (for 50 to 500), Manual focus, 50i and 25p, etc. all to no avail. On the Phenom i've tried: red filter, Wide 94-, standard- and flat ports all to no avail. On lighting i've tried: full sunlight, 2 x hartenbergen 35W nano, 2 x L&M sola video 1200.


Again, color is difficult but can be done. The sharpness and grain is UNBELIEVABLY BAD and my biggest problem (PS. the cam is tested for this at a Sony service centre and found OK). I'll down load some clips so you can see.