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Achieving neutral buoyancy on camera setup

21 April 2016 - 04:05 AM

Hi Guys, long time no post!


I am looking for some advice or experience on the "best" way to achieving neutral buoyancy for my rig. I am still a novice and managed to get most of my gear second-hand, and at a fraction of the new cost.


I have a Nikon D700 with Aquatica housing and 9.25" dome port. I have the 16-35 f4 VR lens and extension port. I also have two Inon Z240 strobes on 5" and 8" Ultralight arms. I have a macro lens but no port and no plans to shoot macro - at the moment.


This setup is very front buoyant and a pain in the wrist to tilt down at any angle. It is also heavy. I weighed it in a wheelie bin full of water, and it weighs about 690grams (1.5lbs). After an hour, I start to notice! It also affects my balance as I move the rig closer of further away from my body.


I have had a look at the large Ultralight buoyant arms, probably 8" and 10" to achieve 690g of lift and balance the rig. I have also looked at the StiX floats - 4 jumbo or more, smaller floats.


I have used this rig a couple of times in the Red Sea, and I am going to the Maldives in June and want to get this "better" than I have now. My concern is that the buoyant arms are expensive and there is no guarantee this will achieve the right buoyancy.


Can anyone suggest the best way forwards, please?