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Ikelite Synch Cords for Sale

07 April 2014 - 06:30 PM

I have two single Ikelight synch cords for sale (TTL) and one dual Ikelight synch cord. The former cords sell new for $100 and the double cord, new, sells for $160.


I am willing to sell the single cords for $60 each and the dual cord for $100. All three cords are in mint condition.


Photographs of the cords are shown below.


Paypal only, please.

Nauticam Finder with Optional Aquatica Housing Adapter For Sale

07 April 2014 - 12:18 PM

I have a nautical finder for sale. It is in out-of-the-box condition. It has been used on no more than four dives. I used it with my Aquatica AD7000 housing, using Nauticam's adapter ring for Aquatica, so it will fit at least this Aquatica housing in addition to Nauticam housings.


I have always been quite finicky about the buoyancy of my system and would rather accept a more limited viewing area as opposed to dealing with the weight that the finder adds to my Aquatica housing, although I have to say that the view through the finder is very sweet.


I paid $1395 for this new finder nine months ago and I am willing to sell it for $1075.


Several pictures of the finder are attached.


Payment through Paypal only, please.

Glass Dome Port Repair

14 August 2013 - 09:38 PM

I have an Aquatica 4 inch mini-dome and I recently slipped in a stream and put a small "smudge" on the dome. It probably hit a smooth rock. The smudge is about 1/8 inch long and a little less than that wide. If I rub my finger over the dome I can feel some roughness in that region.


For so long I heard that glass dome defects like this cannot be buffed out, but I have nothing to lose by trying something because the only alternative is springing for a new dome.


I was hoping there was a way to buff out the opaqueness of this little area which lights up when my strobes fire.


Does anyone have any ideas on this?