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In Topic: Aquatica vs Nauticam for Nikon D7000, please help!

22 June 2011 - 08:34 AM

Read this thread. It's a known issue and there is a fix for it.

Thanks! I was replied to by Aquatica yesterday and they told me about the fix for the liveview button.

In Topic: Aquatica vs Nauticam for Nikon D7000, please help!

20 June 2011 - 10:09 PM

Hello all!
I am getting ready to take the plunge and to upgrade my UW system. I have narrowed it down to D7000 camera in either Nauticam, or Aquatica housing. I have an 8" dome port, macro port and some extension rings for my Aquatica S2 housing. It sounds like these should fit the new model Aquatica housings and can fit Nauticam with appropriate adaptors. I do not want to offend any Aquatica, or Nauticam representatives on this very highly regarded web site, but I would be particularly interested in the things people DO NOT like about their housings, or the problems they had with them. Clearly, both housings are terrific, judging by the reviews on this forum. I, however, need to make the decision somehow. You can e-mail me at egolts@ucsd.edu, if you feel uneasy about posting negative feedback. I will compile the all the answers and will post them here with no names attached.
I am also planning to drive up to Los Angeles for the scuba show there to hopefully hold these housings on June 4th and 5th, but do not see either company on the list of exhibitors.
Any advice is appreciated.


I've got the Aquatica D7000 and can say it is an amazing piece of equipment but I'm a bit disappointed considering I was expecting perfection for the price. The liveview button jams once you try to use it below about 5m. If you're down at 30m and you switch the liveview trigger to shoot video it almost always jams and will not free until you come up to shallow water. Once that jams, you can no longer use the camera without cycling the power which will give you one shot.
Another issue I've had is that the water alarm seems to be a bit too sensitive; it's gone off several times while I've been under water causing a bit of panic; only to find out that once I've gotten out of the water, no water was in the housing.
Additionally, the fiberoptic reflectors are not fixed in their location and can easily swivel around so they no longer work; these should have been fixed. I used some electrical tape on the boat to hold them in place, which fixed the problem, but it's something Aquatica should have realized and taken care of themselves.

Maybe I purchased a defective housing but I think for the price and the fact that it's a precision piece of equipment I shouldn't be experiencing these issues; something to think about before purchasing. Do others have the same problems?


In Topic: Wetpixel Photo Contests

04 June 2011 - 02:44 AM

I have to say that my respect for some of the members may lead to a bias decision in voting, even if subconcious. Is it a worth considering not posting the name of the photographer until the winner is picked?

Completely Agree!