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I have travel plans to Sao Paulo, Brazil towards the mid-to-end of July on business.  I would like to bring my UWP gear and spend 3-4 days diving as that is the only time I have.  My initial preference is Bonito in the state of Mato Grosso to dive the rivers or grottos and hopefully image unique wildlife of the area (anacondas, caymans, river fish, etc...).  Having researched the dive opportunities I have only come across a group by the name of www.divebonito.com.br .  The diving looks fun and I recognize July is the coldest month of the year in that area but the dive plan seems fitting for a very touristy "in and out" session for inexperienced divers.  The expense appears to be great and it seems everyone wants you to book through a travel agent thereby increasing the expense.  Does anyone have any recommendations or experience in UWP dive planning in this area?  Any advice given this time of year to perhaps other locations and dive operators/guides to consider?  I assume Recife and Fernando de Noronha are great places but are they typical reef dives as what one might find in the Caribbean or is there a special photo attraction one can share?


I'd really like to make this a UWP trip but would greatly regret the expense, effort, and headaches of trekking all my gear down if perhaps there arent' many great options this time of year, or if perhaps I have to take more time and expense to really hunt down custom guides deeper in less touristy areas. 


My appreciation in advance for any advice or experiences one can share.