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Video Lights, One 4000 lumen or 2 2000 lunens?

26 August 2013 - 08:02 AM

I am in the marked for a video light.  My rig is an olympus OMD in the Nauticam housing.


My question is, are two video lights better than one?


I looked at the Keldan Luna 4 and really liked its warm color.  The beam was very wide and soft, the size is very moderate and interchangeable battery is a good feature.  That would be mounted on my housing on a short arm to hold it up a bit, pointing forward and down.


I also looked at the new Fisheye Neo 2000s.  They are downright tiny and would easily fit on my strobe arms next to the strobes using a triple clamp and so would be off to the sides.  Also interchangeable battery (that is why the Solas are not an option, I need interchangeable batteries for multiple dives).  Their beam is also wide (not quite as wide as the Keldan) with soft edges, but a much more blue color.  Together, they would be as bright as the Keldan.  I see also that there is another light out called AOBlue that has a warmer tone, like the Keldan.


Would the two light rig give me better control over shadows by filling them in or offering ratio lighting for contrast?  Is this the recommended configuration?  Can I correct for the bluish color of the lights by adjusting my white balance to Auto, or underwater, or some other way?


Or, would the single Keldan meet my needs and offer better color quality?


Thanks in advance!

Feedback for Buy and Sell?

20 August 2013 - 11:01 AM

Is there a way to leave feedback for people with regard to buying and selling?  I just had a great transaction and would like to leave feedback for the seller.




Oly Pen Shooters: Macro Lens/Port: Panaleica 45mm and Zen Flat Port

22 June 2013 - 12:46 PM

For any Olympus PEN shooter, I am selling my previous macro set-up. This consists of the Zen FP-100-EP flat optical glass port, and the wonderful Panasonic/Leica 45mm macro lens. Both are in mint condition, and have been barely used. Both come in their original box. Lens has all accessories and paperwork as you can see.

The results with this combo are absolutely wonderful, with great sharpness, high magnification, and vibrant color. The lens will fit any PEN camera, and the port will fit the PEN housings and is just the right length for this lens. The Oly port for the standard zoom is too long for this lens.

New, the port is $429 (Backscatter) and the lens is 900 (B&H). That is $1330 total. On ebay the lens is going for around $580 in mint condition and a used port is almost impossible to find.

I will sell this package for 775.00. Free shipping included via USPS priority mail to US Pay Pal verified addresses.

PM me with any questions. Photos below including one with the port attached to my Oly housing for the E-PL2.