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In Topic: Any Panasonic Lumix 7-14 Users?

01 October 2011 - 07:09 AM

Thanks Espen,

It actually still is an option. I needed the AF100 for terrestrial shooting,
but I'm seeing that the GH2 is a great option for the underwater work.

I watched the youtube video you sent and it looks great. I do have 2
questions for you:

1. Would the shot be less shaky with a larger housing? (Specifically one made for an AF100)
2. Were you using a Lumix 7-14? If not, what lens and how do you run with full mechanical controls?

All the Best,

You should opted for the DMC-GH2:


Lots of different lenses demoed by this you tube user.

In Topic: Sony NEX-FS100 VS. Panasonic AG-AF100

26 September 2011 - 06:17 AM

Thank you Drew.

I ended up going with the AF100. After researching more on the cameras options
and functionality, it became the better choice. Now the search goes on for finding
a manufacturer that will house it with electronic controls.

All the Best,

Kris, both cameras cannot remote zoom from the camera itself, since they both use manual lenses. From what I remember of the AF100, it can use remote AF on the micro 4/3 lenses but if you use an adapter for the 4/3 lenses, I think there's some issue with it.

I've seen the lowlight ability of the FS100 and AF100. I think the FS100 is much cleaner and has better highlight control. One of the biggest complaints of the FS100 is the lack of 50/60p but I think the firmware was announced last month. I got an email somewhere and remember reading something about it.

I actually like the FS100 image, and the controls remind me of the older Sony cams. It's physically much easier to house than the AF100 BUT most of the controls are tightly compacted on the left side, which means your housing will be pretty busy on the left side.

The AF100 will demand a much bigger housing but the main controls are pretty far apart. A lot depends on who is making your housing and what features you want with it.

The crop is different so the look will be different. I think the issue will be lenses and how you deal with the wide angles. You'll need a big dome port and I think the Nauticam has the biggest acrylic one @ 8.5".

When you do build it, please post some pics and video. I'd be interested to see how the housing comes out.