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Remote shutter release for Ikelite 7D housing

15 January 2012 - 01:17 PM


I want to remotely fire my camera underwater, but I don't think my housing (Ikelite for 7D) has a way to pass a wired remote through the housing.

Does anyone have an idea of how I could do this? The remote just needs three wires (shutter, focus, ground), so worse case scenario I could drill a small hole in the housing and epoxy in a 3-wire cable. Second worse case would be to try to modify the flash synch chord to become a remote shutter, but then I'd probably lose flash capability.

Anyone know of any options?


Inon Z240 vs. Ikelite DS-161 for Ike housing

22 June 2011 - 12:14 AM


Sorry my first post is such a boring one, but I could really use some help on this. I have a 7D in an Ike housing and use it to shoot my field research in streams. Most of the time I am shooting in less than 2 ft. of water, usually in awkward positions where I can only hold the housing with one hand. I shoot a mix of macro and wide angle. I am trying to figure out what to get for my fist strobe.

The Inon Z240 seems like a good option for it's smaller size and weight. I can't figure out whether it's going to be a pain to trigger the Inon from my Ike housing, or whether I'll miss autoflash if I have to lose that. I always use manual when shooting speedlites topside, but I hater tinkering with settings when I'm in the water...

The other option seems to be a DS-161. Seems this setup would probably perform better, but be a bit more of a pain to hold onto as I crawl around streams.

Since I've never used a strobe on an underwater housing, or even seen one in real life, this decision is a bit daunting. I'd really appreciate any general advice on choosing between these two strobes, as well advice on what arms to get with them.

Thanks a lot for any help.