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In Topic: 4k Breakdown

Today, 08:43 AM

I have spent a few months now playing with my 4K set up and I am not convinced the hardware is there yet to make it viable



In Topic: LX100 Underwater Video - Anyone else have experience with the LX100

Today, 08:14 AM

I am puzzled that this camera does not do well at ISO800. My Sony RX100 is not great but still acceptable

For what concerns depth of field it will be an issue with the dome port but with the flat port is totally unneeded to push small apertures. I would not put magic filters on the lens is too restrictive.


I would think push on filters are the way to go with the Inon UWL-H100 this lens works fine at f/3.5 pin sharp on my GX7 no need to go smaller apertures as long as you don't put a dome.




I am looking forward to testing my GX7 with the Inon UWL-H100 results are excellent with the flat port and you can do full zoom without soft corners

In Topic: Thoughts on a g7x set up...

17 March 2015 - 11:58 PM

Some really nice wide angle stuff there!

Thank you
The camera performs very well and as I can use relatively wide aperture such f/4 I can shoot low ISO and decent shutter speeds
I think this bridges the gap with other cameras where you need to push two stops on the aperture and end up with higher ISO

In Topic: GH4 - Nauticam Macro Lens/Port Thoughts

16 March 2015 - 10:57 PM

I have the 14-42PZ lens however in my macro land experiments I have not found the manual focus lever of any practical use with this lens so I was wondering about the ergonomics.

In Topic: GH4 - Nauticam Macro Lens/Port Thoughts

16 March 2015 - 03:21 PM

I am not sure I understand the logic but you have replaced the zoom with the function keys and now using the knob for focus?