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In Topic: YS-D1 Cutoff Issue

Today, 09:55 PM

Is this because the response time of the YS-D1 is too slow or would it be the same with an inon Z240?

In Topic: Sony Alpha A6000

Today, 07:31 AM

NEX-5R CWB underwater!

Balancing like that doesn't give an error but doesn't give correct colours either

In Topic: Rokinon 7.5mm MFT on EPL5 sweet spot and focus

Today, 01:10 AM

It is quite difficult to predict the behavior of a fisheye lens in a dome port.

If this was a rectilinear lens you could think of setting the aperture to achieve the hyperfocal distance of the virtual image in this case you would have something like f/22 and everything from 20cm to infinity would be in focus (one foot won't work as in a dome the virtual image is at 4r in your case 20cm)

However the lens is not rectilinear and therefore it is going to be a bit of trial and error to see what is the right compromise between sharpness of the lens, features of the sensor and how much depth of field you will achieve

For sure your focus point will range between the minimum distance and 20 cm so you won't have too much to play before you find out.

In Topic: Sony Alpha A6000

Yesterday, 10:20 AM

They have in the past. I had a Cyber-shot DSC-WX1 that had an UW setting.  It took pretty good color balanced video, but sadly only 720p.  
See video 

You can achieve that with awb setting a magenta tint
Custom white balance is different and would be helpful to eliminate the need of a filter and gain 1 stop

In Topic: Sony Alpha A6000

Yesterday, 02:46 AM

I think the nex white balance problem is the same of the rx100 white balance problem and probably the same of the alpha problem? I would be curious to know if any sony can white balance properly underwater!!!