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#348478 Tripods

Posted by goose on 01 June 2014 - 04:59 AM

Hi tdpriest, 


I thought it was a good idea to try as i am into the long shutter speed thing above water as you know, but does the image have any true value probraly not but in all honestly i was bored with the same old night dive and wanted to try something different and i am pleased with the results of my efforts even on the lighting up of the wreck. I know Alex has put the technique to good use and rightly so because he is the bollocks and won the competition in Germany with his jack shot. 


Im not in it for the what can i win thing I'm not a pro and would not want to be, thats not my bag but is there use for tripods under water i think yes, providing you go down with a plan and stick to it, i did and got the result i wanted out of the idea i thought up and that to me is the important thing i value the most.


Always have a plan. 




#347899 Tripods

Posted by goose on 19 May 2014 - 10:47 AM

Hi I did this (see pic) in January this year using my D800 on a 30s exposure. Found it quite affective and although it cost me a few night dives i think it was worth it.

I also did light trails over a wreck that was truly awesome and I've yet to show them. :bye:


I used a giottos tripod it had the strength to hold my D800 still along with the weight belt hung on the bottom. The dive was over an hour at 12m and took at least 12 exposures to get right (at the time but i did kinda settle for the second image i took)


Ive never used it for macro as I had my wide angle head on but i suppose there would be a call for it.


Hope you like it. :lol2: