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Whites dry suit

02 August 2014 - 11:09 AM

Hi All, 


Ive just took delivery of my new http://whitesdiving....bullet-drysuit/ Black/Blue with http://whitesdiving.com/sport-diving/evo-3-boots plus http://whitesdiving.com/sport-diving/traveler-drawstring-bag all i can say is its the nuts.


I have had a few in the past (Dry suits that is) and I'm in no doubt as its the best I've ever worn, no restriction at all while taking shots and from a negative entry suit its the nutts. With the front entry zip pitch and get in is the order of the day and not only that its so easy to get on compared to my very heavy neoprene suit.



Now before any shoots me I am only mentioning this suit because from a photography point of view its a very user friendly bit of kit comfy, durable and compared to most suits light weight and when traveling this is important. 



What do you guys use.?


Any thoughts would be welcome.






competitions whats your motivation.

05 April 2014 - 10:27 AM

Hi All,


Just a morbid curiosity of peoples opinions on why they enter competitions and what motivates you to do it.


I myself don't and more than likely won't its not that i don't have the images to do so, but more like i can't be arsed. 


Do you feel having to pay to enter puts you off.?


Does the competition rules seam to be one sided and thats why you don't enter.?


would be nice to get a bit off feed back.