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Great White Shark in Ventura

30 September 2013 - 04:58 PM

textile t    and I (brothers) had the awesome experience to film a Great White Shark feeding while en route from Santa Cruz Island clean up dive.  Youtube or Vimeo for your viewing enjoyment. This is a rare occasion, especially on the So Cal Coast. We were going to snorkel with the carcass and an 8 ft blue shark, until the big boy showed up. This shark probably had 10 feet on me, and we estimated the whale carcass to be about 30 feet, so you decided how big the shark was. Thanks for watching!







Divers for the non profit group, Ocean Defenders Alliance, were treated to a surprise on the way home from two amazing clean up dives in the national marine sanctuary and national park of the Channel Islands near Ventura, Ca. 
A VERY LARGE GREAT WHITE SHARK was filmed by the group feeding on a juvenile dead Whale, approximately 30 feet long. Video from both above and below the waterline can be seen here: 
In addition, Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA) has a news worthy campaign itself. After securing tedious, but necessary, permits. ODA has been authorized to work within the National Marine Sanctuary of the Channel Islands National Park. ODA's mission is to remove abandoned "ghost" fishing gear that continues to fish once it's been lost. Volunteer divers protect their own backyard by diving to remove the debris. In a time when regulations restrict even the removal of trash and NPS is cutting staff, patrols, and budgets, ODA steps in to fill a much needed void to protect our oceans. More video is available of the efforts if needed.


Fathoms Wetmate 65 Wide Angle for L&M bluefin housing on the cheap

13 December 2012 - 08:03 PM

As the title says, Wetmate Wide Angle from Fathoms for the Light and Motion Bluefin housing. Fits all recent housings, but you can check L&M's website or backscatter.com to make sure it fits your housing. Brand new it goes for $599.

Selling for $350, plus shipping to anywhere in the world. Paypal please.

2 years old, always taken care of. In great condition, no scuffs or scratches on lens, and cosmetically new looking too. Videos with the lens can be seen at www.vimeo.com/partialpressure.

Please email for photos.

Night Dives in Catalina

01 October 2012 - 08:23 AM

We were on Catalina this weekend and shot some video with our HFG10, L&M Bluefin housing, and Keldan Luna 8 lights. This was our first time bringing the Keldans on a night dive and we were blown away, the spread and color were great. Visibility was 50 feet plus (a real treat in Southern California). Enjoy.