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Unboxing the Fisheye FIX Aquavolt 7000 alpha video light

13 September 2013 - 12:19 AM


There is a few norwegian words in there, but it's mostly a silent movie and should be pretty self explaining.


The submerged bridges at Haukelifjell, Telemark, Norway

07 August 2013 - 07:35 AM

At around 1960 the old road over Haukelifjell in Norway was submerged during construction of a new road and expansion of a hydroelectric power plant reservoir. Severald old brigdes can be found at the site.


Heres a quick teaser while I try to find time to edit the whole thing:



Cameras: GoPro Hero3 Black (timelapse) and Panasonic GH3 with 7-14 mm lens in Nauticam housing (12-35mm lens was used for above water scenes).


Which video lights for wreck illumination

05 August 2013 - 11:59 PM

I really want new lamps for my DSLR based video rig (Panasonic GH3 in Nauticam housing) but fint it difficult to find a good Product to invest in. My current video lights are the Patima Redshark PL-2700W (2700 lumens). I really want something in the 5-10 000 lumen range, preferably LED based and no external cannister.


The L&M Sola 4000 and FIX Aquabolt 7000 is perhaps closest to my vision, but the Sola 4000 might not have enough output and my main concern about the Aquabolt 7000 is the inconsistent color temperature which seems to change a lot with the output power.


On the cheaper high output side you have the Archon 100W LED light, but this "chinese" light seem to get mixed reviews. Also the output seems to not be the 10 000 lumens stated. Also not possible to dim the light in an incremental fashion.


My light budget is arround 3000-3500 USD total.


Any suggestions or recomendations for products to look into?