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D70 Upgrade

20 July 2012 - 08:58 AM

Hello all,

I'm an avid reader of this site but only a sporadic poster. However as I now feel that I have finally exhausted the potential of my trusted D70, I thought it would be best to ask for some advice before I upgrade.

I would like to stick with Nikon and with DX format if possible to retain the use of the 10.5mm fisheye and also as I like the additional reach for topside work (I'm a marine biologist and do a lot of Photo ID work with cetaceans). This leaves me with 2 options as far as I can tell, the D300s or the D7000. I know this is a debate that's been done to death already so apologies for that.

At first glance the D300s seemed the more attractive option to me, especially for my topside work given the faster AF and the more durable body (great against nasty salt spray and the like). However, after looking at dozens of underwater pics taken by both cameras, the D7000 seems to deliver better results. The D300s looks a little noisy to me, especially when dealing with sunballs and other wide angle work. The D7000 seems to have markedly better image quality in this respect.

To be honest, the best pics i've seen in this regard from a crop sized sensor are from the Canon 7D! But I'd rather not jump ship at this juncture if possible.

Am I being overly picky? And should I wait for whatever Nikon comes up with as a direct replacement for the D300s?

Any help would be much appreciated