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#349014 GH4 lens recommandation

Posted by Nautilus Cairns on 12 June 2014 - 10:57 PM

First off I do not not believe there is a right or wrong answer to lens and port choices, it is a personal choice. I am thinking along the same lines as Ryan as far as lens choices for my EM-5 which I use in a Nauticam housing. However I decided to use the same macro port 65 for both the 60mm macro lens and the 12-50mm that came with the camera (the only two lenses I have at this point) for a few reasons:


  • For traveling I only need only one port for both lenses.
  • With after market zoom gear on the 12-50mm in the macro 65 port, plus a +5 Subsea the macro performance at 50mm is about the same as the 12-50 using its macro switch (at 43mm).
  • Using a flip diopter holder I still have the full 12-50 zoom range when not shooting macro subjects.
  • Although the cost of a subsea and flip diopter plus the zoom gear brings  it up close to buying the dedicated Nauticam port for the 12-50, I still have a port to use for the excellent 60mm macro lens.
  • I can easily remove the after market zoom gear from the 12-50 when I want to use it topside. Not that easy with the dedicated Nauticam zoom gear I believe. I use the 12-50 for almost all my topside shooting when I'm traveling.
  • When I get the Panasonic 8mm FE and 3.5inch dome my guess is that I will be using the Macro 65 port just for the 60mm lens and the 12-50 will be largely my topside lens together with a yet to be decided fast prime lens.
  • I can still use the 67mm flip diopter on the macro 65 port although I will most likely go for a more powerful diopter if I want to go really super macro.
  • That just leaves me with a somewhat redundant bit of zoom gear for the 12-50

Still tossing up about wide angle options like a 7-14 zoom

#348737 EM1 Nauticam Housing Challenge

Posted by Nautilus Cairns on 05 June 2014 - 09:46 PM

Your post prompted me to have a look at the record lever on my NA-EM5 housing which I use for auto focus when shooting macro. I note Karen that you have upgraded to an EM1, however the pin on mine was also sticking out a fraction so thanks for the heads up!


Give my regards to Dieter.



#346451 PNG Baggage restrictions

Posted by Nautilus Cairns on 18 April 2014 - 06:24 PM

The simple answer is pack light! Just your dive and camera gear and a couple of T shirts and a pair of shorts. It's the tropics!. Wear your slacks and warmer clothes on the plane. You can always throw a jacket over your shoulder and put it in the overhead locker. You should be able to put most of your camera gear in a carry-on bag and keep it under 7kg.


The camera vest idea sounds OK until you get weighed as well! It happens with smaller regional airlines. Having your dive bag offloaded is a real pain. Keep your checked bag under 25kg.

#339786 Olympus OM-D E-M5

Posted by Nautilus Cairns on 22 November 2013 - 11:38 PM

Hi Karen


Trust Dieter got home OK. I have just recently purchased an OMD EM-5 with the 60mm macro lens and very recently the Nauticam housing  and port for the 60mm lens. Didn't have it in time for the Soloman Island trip however.


I am also looking at the threads where people have purchased the Austrian gear to use other lenses like the 12-50 mm, which I also have, in this port. Didn't realise that it would also provide manual focus with the 60mm lens and port I already have until I read Phil's comments.


The rig got wet for the first time today...in the swimming pool!! GBR next weekend then up to PNG


Cheers  Eden

#336452 OMD - Olympus or Nauticam housing advice

Posted by Nautilus Cairns on 29 August 2013 - 10:24 PM

Just a couple more questions:


1. Any one used this and is it worthwhile from V1.2 firmware update? "Olympus also added functions to automatically move focus to the wide zoom position when underwater macro or underwater wide macro modes are selected with a Zuiko ED 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 EZ lens attached."


2. When Alex mentions the 60 port is he referring to the macro 65 #36163 in Nauticam port chart?


3. How do you adjust the euro zoom gear when there does not appear to be a knob on the port to turn it? Is there a knob on the housing?

I have just bought the OMD and will be getting the Nauticam housing also. From reading all these posts my intention to help spread the cash outlays is to:

1. get the 60mm #36163 port first and use it with the 12-50 lens and use the Fn to toggle between 12mm and 50mm.

2. get a flip diopter like the Sub Sea +5 to use at the 50mm setting. If need be I could then get the Austrian zoom gear if just having the two focal lengths is too frustrating

3. get the 60mm macro lens and use it in the #36163 port with the flip diopter

4. finally get the 8mm Panasonic fisheye lens and Nauticam 4.33inch dome port (big single capital outlay)


I will then predominately dive with either the 8mm fisheye or the 60mm macro and the 12-50mm will be either a topside lens or when I need to travel very lightly.

Would appreciate comment on whether this is a reasonable plan