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Need help with Ikelite S95

03 August 2011 - 02:59 AM

Hi everybody,

I'm new to UW photography and I'm having an issue with an Ikelite housing. I'm hoping somebody in the forum might be able to help. Recently I purchased a wide angle lens for my housing, and the first time I used it underwater the lens port of the housing came unscrewed and I lost my camera to flooding. :dance:

I'm very worried of it happening again, because the lens port is either not designed very well, or maybe I just dont understand how it works. It appears to be screwed on top of an o-ring. The o-ring sits directly between the port and the body of the housing, getting pressure from the top and bottom (not a piston design). My issues with it:

1) I have no way of knowing how far in I should screw the port lens back on. I'm afraid of screwing it too far in and over-threading and damaging the plastic, or too little and risk it flooding again. The thread does not have any lock or other system of stopping, and there are no markings to let me know when it is properly tightened.
2) I'm afraid that every time I use an external lens and try to unscrew it underwater I might accidentally unscrew the lens port too. The system seems very risky...

The manual of my housing does not say anything about the lens port coming off at all, so no help there with any of this.

Please, can somebody offer any advise? Has anyone also experienced this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!