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In Topic: Not such a beginner anymore - intermediate camera question

11 October 2013 - 06:05 AM

Thanks for all the feedback, a proper 'photography' trip is something that I have considered, its only now I have graduated and started working it is something that I can afford !


While I will go on a 'photography' trip I enjoy diving with friends, and even if they seem frustrated underwater if I am taking a photo, they never moan afterwards about having photos of them or proof that we saw some sort of wildlife ! So we have a balance that I take can spend a minute or two taking a photo but wont 'hold up' the dive plan for it.


A mirrrorless or 4/3rds setup is something that sounds more appealing, I would prefer to spend sometime first getting used to editing RAW and with a proper strobe (the last was an OEM one), the other part to this thinking is my parents live in Cornwall so I often travel down at the weekends and I quite often freedive sometimes in remote locations so a large full DSLR rig at the moment does seem daunting for that sort of work.


Is there a 4/3 that anyone would reccomend ?