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Suitable lens for close up's of elusive subjects !

13 August 2014 - 05:31 AM

I will try to keep this brief, I recently returned from a weeks diving in the red sea and was my first extended go with new camera and housing (details below), the problem I had certain wildlife is easily spooked, no matter how slow I approached, minimal/no bubbles with the lens on the camera I could not get close up for some of the shots I would like to take.


Two specific occasions were: a large Napolean wrase was behind a pinnacle I swam around to get a photo, said wrase then proceded to swim around the pinnacle as soon as I got closer.


Second occasion was an amazing dive with 20+ hammerhead shark shoal (unsure of the plural) it was a surreal dive but looking back at the photos I would have like to have got a good close up (able to see denticles on skin would be good), in this situation the sharks were very curious but wary. Over the space of 4 dives gradually got closer but 2 metres was the limit they would swim off if we got any closer.


My camera is a Canon EOS M in a Nauticam Hosuing with a 22mm f/2 lens, it performed really well for the majority of the trip apart from close ups (bar lion fish and moray's which dont move away!). My choice now is one of the other EF-M mount lenses (18-55 f3.5/5.6 or 55-200 f4.5/6.3) or use the canon adaptor (already own), and fit any of canon's lenses.


I own a 600D and have a few lenses, above water this would not be an issue as I could try a lens and if I didnt get on with it sell it on or return if for minimal loss, the added complication being if i purchase a new port then it adds quickly to the cost of trials and are more difficult to sell on/return.


Any adivce or opinons welcome !





N.B. Current idea would be keep using the 22mm lens (with strobes I am saving for) most dives and then switch over to the longer lens for specific close up dives.





Not such a beginner anymore - intermediate camera question

27 September 2013 - 12:45 PM

I will try to keep this brief:


Have been diving for around 5 years
Mostly UK but warm water when possible

99% of the time dive with non-photographers


Taking photo & film for about 4 years

Photos on Fuji FX80 with&w/out Remora Strobe

Film on Fuji & GoPro

Have a Canon 600D for 2 years for dry photography


WB Control only


Poor low light performance

Poor shutter speed


First started shooting when freediving and then when felt comfortable enough started shooting with first gopro then fuji and then fuji with strobe. For the last two years have had a Canon 600D for dry photography.


On a recent liveaboard trip to the red sea the strobe flooded and died after the first day (still unsure where), the housing has taken some abuse over the years and has a fair share of cracks, taking this as a sign its time to upgrade.


As I dont dive with photographers there does not tend to be time to play with settings/strobes etc on a dive so not looking to get a DSLR housing but want an upgrade from my current setup. Looking for more control than just WB.


Looking for something more towards the top end of the "point&shoot" market, have heard good things about the Canon S110 & G12. Housing needs to be around the 60m mark and would be looking for two strobes as well.

Any feedback & advice is very welcome.