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Not such a beginner anymore - intermediate camera question

27 September 2013 - 12:45 PM

I will try to keep this brief:


Have been diving for around 5 years
Mostly UK but warm water when possible

99% of the time dive with non-photographers


Taking photo & film for about 4 years

Photos on Fuji FX80 with&w/out Remora Strobe

Film on Fuji & GoPro

Have a Canon 600D for 2 years for dry photography


WB Control only


Poor low light performance

Poor shutter speed


First started shooting when freediving and then when felt comfortable enough started shooting with first gopro then fuji and then fuji with strobe. For the last two years have had a Canon 600D for dry photography.


On a recent liveaboard trip to the red sea the strobe flooded and died after the first day (still unsure where), the housing has taken some abuse over the years and has a fair share of cracks, taking this as a sign its time to upgrade.


As I dont dive with photographers there does not tend to be time to play with settings/strobes etc on a dive so not looking to get a DSLR housing but want an upgrade from my current setup. Looking for more control than just WB.


Looking for something more towards the top end of the "point&shoot" market, have heard good things about the Canon S110 & G12. Housing needs to be around the 60m mark and would be looking for two strobes as well.

Any feedback & advice is very welcome.

Summer Freediving in Cornwall - 2012

06 December 2012 - 04:27 AM

Been a while since I have done an edit and while avoiding my revision I have put together some footage from the summer, it has all been done on a GoPro 2 hence the less than clear footage at times, comments and criticism welcome.